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Tips for Professional Booth Graphics to Achieve Success

by Melanie Peterson

On the trade show floor, the competition level grew up to a very high level. The simple and old exhibiting ideas may not help you to achieve success in the cut-throat competition level. You should search for creative and unique ideas to achieve success on the exhibition floor. The trade booth graphics are a very important component of all trade booths. 

The trade booth graphic designs can help in representing the unique identity of the trade booth and set you apart from your competitors. The exhibition graphics displayed on the exhibition stand will help in telling the whole world what you are selling and why you are different from others. 

Most exhibitors do not pay much attention to the trade booth graphic designing process. But it is an essential component of the exhibition stand and it helps you to get one step closer to your success. While designing the exhibition graphics for your trade booth, you should consider following the below-mentioned tips:

● High-Pixel Images

The graphic designs of the trade booth are a combination of text and images. When it comes to the images of your exhibition stand, you should make sure that they are attractive. The pictures displayed on the exhibition stand should not look faded. 

Also, they should be capable of conveying your message in just a few seconds. When it comes to choosing an image for your exhibition stand, you should make sure that images are unique and they are high-pixel images. The high-pixel images will make sure that they will not the images will not look faded after printing them on the display banner.

● Right Type Of Font

As we have already explained that the trade booth graphic displays integrated images and text to create an attractive banner. When it comes to displaying text on the trade booth display, you should choose the professionals and visible font. The cursive and other types of fonts look attractive, but they are not professional and they are not easily visible from a distant location. 

Therefore, you should choose a simple font so that distant trade show attendees can easily read the message displayed on the trade booth graphics. Also, you should not choose too many fonts in the trade booth graphic display. You should not exceed more than two types of fonts to maintain the professional appeal in the design. If you display your message in different font types, then it will create haphazardly and not attract your targeted customers.

● Right Type Of Background Color

Along with images and text, the background color is an important factor that will improve the visual appeal of your trade booth graphic display. You should wisely choose the background color of the booth display because colors play an important role in triggering the emotions of people. 

You should research your targeted audience and wisely make the decision. It will help in increasing the footfall inside your booth. You can hire professionals and discuss your needs and requirements. They will design a perfect display for your booth. They have exhibition stand design software and they can help in creating a perfect graphic design for your booth.

● Attractive Content

Your message should be able to trigger the curiosity level among targeted customers and they should want to know more. Always keep in mind that trade booth attendees want this information in one short line. They will not spend their precious time reading lengthy and boring paragraphs. 

We recommend you take the help of an experienced content writer who can create attractive content for your brand. Make sure that you display the most important information at the top. Usually, people start reading from the top and start moving to the downward section. Sometimes, they do not read a whole text message. Therefore, your top line should be catchy and informative so that the targeted audience does not leave the trade show without visiting your booth.

● Match Text With Image

The text message and image should be conveying the same message. If the image displayed on the trade booth is different from the text message, then it will disappoint the trade show attendees. They will never visit your booth and will not take interest in your product or services. It is so because they will not be able to trust your services. If your trade booth display is contradictory, then how someone would prefer to buy your product. Therefore, before starting designing the trade booth display, you should make a plan and do everything accordingly.

● Display Your Brand Value

The main objective of displaying trade booth graphics is to represent your brand value and gaining the trust of people. No matter how attractive your trade booth display, people will not visit your booth if you will not display your brand name and logo. Never forget to associate your brand-related things with your trade booth display. These tips will let you design an amazing and professional trade booth display.

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