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Express Your Love With Romantic Flower Arrangements

by Melanie Peterson

From falling in love, to confessing it, from going on your first date to celebrating your anniversary. There is something so wonderful about being in love that you can never have enough of it. Being in love will give you flutters, it will make you happy and might also stir some uneasiness. After all, being in love is effort, it has its own challenges and rewards. Love is a special feeling, and this special feeling needs something equally remarkable, which are flowers. Humans and flowers have a unique bond, and if you think about it, it might seem weird or even cute. If you really think about it, flowers always served a special purpose, from being an offering to the goddess to a sign of royalty. Flowers have also been a part of being in love, from proposal to the wedding, flowers everywhere.

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Since we are talking about love and Roses and a traditional holiday to commemorate love comes to mind naturally, Valentine’s day which comes with subsequent days each with its own meaning. Red roses are quite popular and make it one of the romantic rose day gift ideas. Red roses are a symbol of everlasting love, this association dates back to Roman empire and Greek mythologies. In ancient times flowers were not just judged on face value but also for their medicinal properties. And roses were and are well known for their scent. You can present a bouquet of roses to your partner and it will leave them in awe. You can always order roses online for a quick buy to make them feel extraordinary.


Another flower traditionally picked for its deep connection with love, Tulips are known for their unique shape and wide variety of colors. When it comes to a romantic bouquet Tulips are a great pick apart from Roses. To express your emotions you can go with red Tulips because they represent love. But if you like to go with something different then you have a couple of options like purple, orange, pink and white. If you cannot choose one, which can happen, go with an assorted mix of these lovely flowers. Each color will represent something different, purple symbolizes royalty, white is for innocence and pink is for affection and good wishes.


Not a traditional one, but if you want to keep it subtle and yet romantic then Sunflowers are for you. Apart from valentine roses delivery in st louis MO you can also get these giant flowers. If you want to keep it simple then go with a few stems of fresh cut sunflowers, tie them up with ribbon or just cover in brown regular paper. Sunflowers have a personality of their own, they will always grab your attention for the best and also brighten up your face. Sunflowers are generally known to symbolize joy, but they also represent warmth, confidence, loyalty and adoration. For a morning surprise you can arrange your sunflowers in a tall clear glass vase, make sure to trim the stems to make it fit perfectly.


These luxury flowers from Irene’s flower shop are sleek and tall, they come in as fresh cut flowers and also as potted plants. If your partner is into plants then this would be a great addition to their collection. Orchids are known for their purple shade but they also come in lime green, yellow and white. Orchids look best in a vase, and even with other flowers. Purple orchids represent royalty and luxury, white ones stand for faith, beauty and elegance whereas the yellow ones mean new beginnings and joy.

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