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9 Steps You Must Follow to Make Sure That You Have a Trip of a Lifetime to Florida

by Melanie Peterson

Traveling is always enjoyable, and when you go somewhere like Florida you can see that it can be a trip of a lifetime. To make sure that you make the most of every moment, you need to follow these 9 steps. Making the most of every minute in Florida is important. So, to make sure this happens, what should you do first?

Step 1. Establish What You Want to Do On Your Trip

So, just what do you want to see and do during your visit? Do you want to explore the local culture, do you want to spend time at local beaches, or do you want to go to local sightseeing attractions? There are lots of things to see and do in Florida, and there is more there than Disney and Universal Parks. What does your ideal trip to Florida look like, and most importantly, what does it feature? As Florida is a large destination to cover, you want to be sure that you do what you want. If you do not prepare before you arrive, you are at risk of feeling (and being) overwhelmed by the choice on offer. When you are overwhelmed, you may end up making rash decisions, and you may miss out on things you would enjoy.

Step 2. How Will You Get to Florida?

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Once you have established what you will do on your trip, you then have to start working out just how you will get to Florida. For example, are you going to fly, or are you in the States and able to drive? If you are looking at flying, you need to establish if you are going to go for quick and convenient, or if you are going to go for budget (which may or may not involve a layover). Using a flight comparison checker or site such as farecompare will allow you to easily see what options and flights work for you the best. Your travel plans will shape the type of trip you have, so be sure that you do not leave them until the last moment. When you work out how you will get to Florida, you can then start piecing together a budget. A budget for travel will guide you as to how much you will need to get together for your whole trip.

Step 3. The Duration of Your Stay

You know what you want to do in Florida, and you have now established how you will get there, but the big question is how long will you stay? And how long do you want to stay? To take in as much of Florida as possible, you will need at least 7 days and 6 nights, and of course, if you are visiting theme parks, you will need to add a few more days to this. The duration of your stay will determine where you can go and what you can see, so make sure you are not cutting your time too short. Of course, work and life commitments may get in the way of your ideal trip duration. So, making the best of any time you get is crucial.

Step 4. Where Are You Going to Sleep and Base Yourself?

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Being able to explore Florida is important, and to do this successfully you have to choose the right base. When it comes to choosing a base or hotel, you can click here to compare and see the resorts on offer at westgateresorts.com. When it comes to a base for you and those you are traveling with, you want to be central and you want to ensure accessibility. If your base is too far away from the places that you want to visit, then you will constantly feel that you are traveling on the road – and ultimately this can affect the success of your trip. You also need to consider what your base may need. For example, are you looking for a resort that has it all, or are you just after a room?

Step 5. Have You Got Adequate Insurance?

It may not be something that you wish to think about but, nevertheless, it is a topic that needs covering. When you are traveling to a new area (even if only for short period) you will require adequate insurance. Adequate insurance will cover you and your family in an emergency. When you are deciding which insurance coverage to go for, you need to think about what you need. For instance, do you need extra vehicle insurance, or do you need emergency healthcare coverage? What is important for you and for those that you are traveling with? If you travel to Florida without suitable insurance coverage, you could be liable for costs if an accident or emergency occurs.

Step 6. What You Are Packing?

Whether you are going to Florida for a week, or even for three weeks what you pack is essential. If you pack the wrong items, it will affect the start of your trip as you will be having to buy those things you left behind (or forgot to pack). So, to ensure you get your trip off to the best start possible, you need to carefully consider what you are packing. Make sure you have enough clothes with you to last the duration but try not to over pack. When you are carrying more weight in your baggage, it can cause you more stress, and it can cost you more money – especially if you are traveling via an airport. When you are packing your luggage, you will need mini fans, water bottles, cool clothes, layers and comfortable shoes.

Step 7. Having the Funds and Getting Them Together

You will need to have sufficient funds to get to Florida and back, and if you start planning ahead (around 1 years’ time) it will give you a sufficient amount of time to start putting money aside into savings. Keeping your funds in a savings account, or in a specific account (away from daily accounts) will ensure that you do not touch them – even in an emergency situation. Establishing how much you will need will depend on how long you are traveling for and where you will be staying and visiting. Excluding any park fees and accommodation fees, you should be budgeting around $125+ per day per adult. This will cover transport, meals, drinks, snacks and any purchases of souvenirs.

Step 8. Focusing on Your Planning

The more that you can get to grips with the planning of your Florida trip, then the more successful and smoother it is likely to be. When you are planning, make sure that you include other people (and family members) where you can. Getting others involved will help you build bonds and make memories too. When you are planning, you should be able to eliminate any worries or concerns that you may have. To make planning your Florida trip easier, you should break up the process, and aim to do something each week or each month. Trying to plan a whole trip in one setting will be exhausting, and you will end up missing something off your to-do list.

Step 9. Enjoying Each Day to The Fullest

In the buildup to your Florida trip, it can be difficult not to get bogged down with the planning and feel even more stressed than you should be. Remember that your trip will quickly pass, and to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest, you must enjoy each day. Whether that is a day at the beach, a day shopping in Florida mall or perhaps a trip to the Epcot center. Make memories on your vacation and try and keep a log of what you do, this way you will be able to look back on your trip in the years to come. To make sure you enjoy each day, you need to embrace everything that you do and try not to worry about perfection. You can of course do this by being a little bit easier on yourself and allowing yourself to enjoy your vacation just as much as everyone else.

Bringing it All Together and Going on That Trip of A Lifetime

When all the planning is done and the budgets are set aside, it is time to commit to making that trip of a lifetime. You will be making memories with your children, and with your loved ones, so don’t delay the planning or booking of your trip, your travel, and even your accommodation. The sooner that you get bookings processed, then the more enjoyable the wait will be (and the less stressful it will be). If you put off sorting things out in anticipation of your trip, you will inevitably have to make sacrifices or compromises – and these are not always necessary.

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