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8 Compelling Reasons to Use Sales Order Management Software

by Melanie Peterson

Monitoring  Sales order management through an effective reporting system is critical for the success of any business today. This softwares are vital for companies that believe in constant and hassle-free growth. The integration module of these softwares empowers you to reduce the complexity of the ordering process while ensuring a greater degree of control irrespective of your location. Apart from these are a few more significant reasons that enterprises are increasingly adapting the order management softwares.

Enhanced data transparency

In the earlier manual model, too many uncontrolled variables could compromise the facts and figures in paper-based invoices. There were much higher chances of misleading information and redundancy due to the lengthy steps involved. The cloud-based Sales order management solutions have remarkably cut out the unnecessary redundancy and made this process much faster and efficient. Now that the data is accessible and centralized by ever, the decision-making process has become much quicker and insightful. Now multiple stakeholders can make changes simultaneously from different locations collaboratively. 

Hassle-free data management

Dependency on physical invoices and reports used to bury the team under a pile of paper. However, cutting-edge sales management software makes sure to store every information automatically. Critical details on revenue reports or sales order reports can be easily retrieved in few seconds without wasting time in the manual search. Due to the absence of a proper storage mechanism, many organizations often misplace some documents to realize their importance later. However, even smaller businesses can store and retrieve minute details of every transaction with access to a cloud-based server. 

Increased customer participation

Involving the customers in the data validation process was almost impossible. If any customer wanted to retrieve any transactional data, they had to go through a long time-consuming process. On many occasions, small businesses lost valuable customers for misunderstandings arising out of such situations. The sales order management solutions empower the customers to participate and monitor the entire delivery life cycle without much involvement. Some advanced and insightful order management tools also allow users to raise sales orders through the customer portal directly. The increased transparency adds up to the brand loyalty and better value proposition. 

Empowering the delivery partners

The delivery partners have greatly benefited thanks to the effortless pick and pack automation process. They can track the customer’s exact location and find the delivery routes without much hassle. They can track and communicate in real-time with the customer eliminating any chance of confusion. As the sales order management software triggers automatic confirmation emails and SMSs, the delivery partners can save the delivery time. Thanks to smartphones, the customer doesn’t have to go through a lengthy authentication process to validate their information in real-time. The integrated nature of the order management system helps the delivery partners to confirm details manually from the office, and he has more control over the delivery process. 

Save time and money

Saving precious time and cost-cutting is the most visible and significant reason every business considers moving to cloud-based sales management software. With an automated and integrated system, fewer vendors are required who care to finish the work faster. They get freedom from the tedious paperwork hence the entire operation becomes significantly more productive. Reduced use of paper supports corporate social responsibilities and saves on procurement costs. Significant reduction of manual entry helps to avoid errors which also adds to the cost-saving. As the order management software supports every stage of the delivery life cycle, most companies can see instant and visible cost reduction when implementing one for their business. 

Centralized information source

Due to its integrated mechanism, the order management softwares make all the information available to every vertical of the business instantly. The cloud-based storage system makes every member of the organization access the information as they feel suitable. Now, every team member can access information like the annualized customer growth or a brief history of the customer as required by the business. Gone are the days of dusty file chambers and the time team member spent to confirm few facts. They are now empowered to perform more complex tasks such as assigning logistic partners, generating e-way bills, tracking live delivery processes, and more without the help of a delivery team. 

Globalized opportunity

Gone are the days when the small and medium scale businesses were tied to their nation or region’s boundary and lacked insight into a more extensive diverse customer base. Now customers from any corner of the globe can access the product information or place delivery orders from the convenience of his home. Both ecommerce sites and moms and pops stores can fulfil global customer orders without much hassle. As ERP solutions have been designed to keep a global customer base, tax calculation or invoice management are customized based on the customer’s location. Even a tiny boutique from Bangladesh can reach out to customers in Europe without hiring a large tax assistant team. 

Final thoughts

Cutting edge data management and automated business process was always the monopoly of more prominent players in the market. But the introduction of cloud-based solutions such as sales order management software has changed the story quite a bit. With shared knowledge and access to standard technology for nominal subscription fees, even smaller and mid-level businesses can take advantage of the digital revolution. Nowadays, even small companies can manage complex details such as customer profitability reports, sales forecasts, or Multi-location GST reports without spending significantly.

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