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Important Tools Used By Professional Arborists While Removing a Tree

by Melanie Peterson
Our mother nature has a lot to offer us, and trees are one of the best gifts of nature to us.

This gift of nature is way more than being part of our surroundings. They offer food and shelter to wildlife. They are the purifiers of the air we breathe, they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale good oxygen. Apart from providing air, food, and shelter, they also beautify our world. Wonderful they are!

However, they provide all these benefits they also possess risk and interruption to the safety and comfort of family members, the neighbourhood, and property.

When trees spread out of their allotted space, it can give a messy look to your house lawn and also disturb other trees, shrubs, and plants around it. During a storm, strong wind and massive rainstorm trees can also be hazardous to your property, family members, and your neighbours.

In the cases when the trees become questionable, they should be removed at any cost. Tree removal service is not tough when you have all the right tools and equipment. Right tools ensure a safe and easy tree removal.

Here are some tree removal tools which are used by professionals to remove trees.


A chainsaw is used to cut the unwanted trees. It is a power-driven mechanical tool. In this tool, the teeth are set on a chain that revolves all over the edge of the blade. When you want to cut one or two branchless trees a chain saw is ideal to use.

There are varying designs, shapes, and configurations of chainsaws. There are different types of chains for different cutting needs like full-chisel, semi-chisel, etc. it is also categorized based on the power source for the chainsaw such as electric, battery-powered, and gas-powered chainsaw.

There is a tool pole chainsaw which is inherited from chainsaws. It is used for taller trees that have branches high up in the air. The pole chainsaw reaches there without any need for climbing the ladder.

Tree shear

Tree shear is used to cut the trees with the lower branches. It is fitted to a heavy-duty mechanical machine. This tool is used to clear the wooded areas and also to gather in trees and brushwood. Such a tree removal tool is best for treating mesquite and small evergreen trees; trees with a lot of close to the ground branches.

Tree shears come in different blade combinations and sizes and thus become capable of different applications. It is a must for every gardener and arborist tool kit.

Brush grubber

Brush grubber is used to uproot small trees instead of cutting them. It is a simple to use tool that has metal clamps with jaws and heavy-duty spikes. It is ideal for uprooting small trees from the soil.

Brush mower

A brush mower is also a heavy-duty machine that can be used to cut down small and younger trees. It can be used to mow the lawn with a dull blade. It walk-behind to cut beats through the woody, thick brushwood, newly grown saplings, and small trees. Its blades also allow it to chop the lower trees, leaving them covered. It eliminates the trouble of dragging them away.


Hatchet is a type of axe but a small one-hand axe; it has a wedge-like head. It is used to cut down the small branches attached to the bigger branches of trees. Its small size makes its use possible in tighter spaces also and it needs minimum backswing, unlike two-handed axes. Its handle works as a lever.


A lopper has a long handle and sharp blade at the end, almost like a shear. Through placing the branch between its blades and then pressing the handles together you can cut the branch. Its working is not far different than a scissor; a simple concept works best. It is suitable for cutting single branches of varying thicknesses.

It is an ideal tool for trimming and shaping trees as long as the branches are not too thick. If you want to work on small branches or want more precise trimming it is the best tool. It is available in varying sizes and has extendable handles so it becomes easy to reach higher branches.

Ultimately, there are various tools and equipment that can be chosen for tree removal. Every tool and equipment have their special features and are designed for cutting different types of trees; some of them are ideal for small trees, some for large trees while others for lower branches and long wooden stems. Choose the equipment which best suits your tree removal requirement.

Riding Lawn Mower

Unlike push mowers, a riding mower, also known as a ride-on lawnmower or a tractor lawnmower, has the operator sitting. Standard riding lawn mower include steering wheels and are suited for lawns larger than one acre. Lawn tractors are designed to mow big lawns and to tow light accessories like baggers and trolleys. They may also assist with the seeding and fertilisation of a vast lawn.

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