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Beauty of a Rose

by Melanie Peterson
When you see so many colours if rose and wonder what each one means, they are used in every occasion from marriages, valentine’s day and it is no secret that some of you even gave these roses to propose your current Girlfriend or boyfriend. Even if you want to surprise someone you could always go for online flower delivery in gurgaon.

The rose is often associated with Aphrodite and Venus and is also considered the symbol of beauty and romance but there are a lot of colours to rose and the occasions where they should be gifted to the other person.

The shades of roses and the shades of love, we cannot escape them now, can we?


Red is always associated with blood thereby also depicting desire, passion and a fire in one’s soul. these beautiful flowers from a long time have been standing boldly for love, wealth, romance and luxury. These roses are the best way to say “I love you.”


In earlier times the yellow rose used to stand for being jealous of someone but in the contemporary scenario the yellow rose shows friendship, how could one miss such a vibrant colour?
Yellow is all about positivity, warmth and enlightenment. Gift this bouquet to your friend to show how much you appreciate the bond you share.


The colour pink depicts the universal love of others and oneself. They also show friendship, affection, harmony and inner peace. They also show elegance and grace, make someone’s day special with these blossoms and remind them of the love you have for them. 


Not a colour that we prefer to give when it comes to giving roses but as we all know how classy black looks, let us face it, black has its beauty when it comes to roses, the black colour rose speaks of mystery as you would need a florist to find it for you. Black often signals towards new beginnings and a change that is going to happen.


When the energy of red and the happiness of yellow meets we get this colour called orange, these colours say it all about fascination, determination, success, encouragement and simulation. Whenever you feel lazy or unenergetic you could always use the bouquet to boost up your energy levels. The coral and salmon-coloured roses also are the representer of the boosters of energy. If you know someone who is unenergetic lately you can always gift them these orange blooms.


The colour white is all about purity, calmness and serenity. When it comes to these white blossoms they are often used in wedding bouquets for their representation of young love and eternal loyalty towards the other and just like black roses they also depict the new beginnings. 


If you think that the ivory roses and the white roses are the same you are wrong. The Ivory roses represent charm, thoughtfulness and youthfulness, if you don’t have romantic intentions towards someone you can always gift them ivory roses and remind them that you care and you are always there for them whenever they would need you.


You have just closed a business deal and want to convey your gratitude towards them, then the peach roses are perfect for such occasions as they are known to convey the emotions of modesty and genuineness towards them. You can also convey sympathy with these blossoms. 


Ever met those people who are just remarkably strong and live life their way. Well then blue roses are perfect for them as Blue is the all-time favourite colour and reminds a person of the unique traits they possess, it is also there for the mystery and the impossible. Buy these roses to tell a person that you admire them.


You don’t have to choose one colour when you want to send a message you can always go for mixed colours to send multiple messages or to express various emotions at the same time. Red and white rose combination are often seen in weddings or when a partnership is being celebrated as they stand for unity.

You don’t have to wait for these roses nor grow them on your own, you could always order flowers online and convey the message you feel like conveying. Order fresh flowers online from bloomsvilla.com.

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