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How to Write a Funeral Program?

by Melanie Peterson
Death, whether it be a friend or a loved one, such an event is quite emotional. After all, it feels really bad to see your loved one departing from the world. However, such events should affect your daily life, and you should start living your life and plan for a proper funeral program to say goodbye to your friend or loved one.

If you are creating the funeral obituary program for the first time, then you may find it quite difficult to create such a program from scratch. However, to come up with a good one, you can use an online funeral program maker. Apart from that, there are a few guidelines that you can follow to create a best and memorable funeral obituary program. So, let’s have a look at the below- mentioned points.

Writing a perfect Funeral Program Obituary

Talking about an obituary, it speaks about the deceased, and what the person has achieved in life. It is generally published in a newspaper or sent to close relatives how may not have known about the death of the person.

1. Collect all the personal information

For this, you can take help of deceased friends or other family members. If possible, try not to disturb family members who are very close to the person as they might be not in a condition to help you. Collect the information like casket prices as soon as possible as there are other things to do.

2. Add few anecdotes

An obituary has a few rooms for around two to three anecdotes which captures your loved one’s spirit. For this, carefully listen to their stories and prepare a short note. However, don’t forget to ask for permission before inserting any anecdotes.

3. For best result use templets or software

Using a funeral program tool, you can easily create a bi-fold as well as tri-fold program. Such tools come with easy to use pre-made templets. Well, if you don’t have that much expertise in this, you can take an expert’s help. Besides, there are also memorial service programs which can be used to design the program. There are few programs, for example, Apple iWorks, SmartDraw, Adobe Illustrator and more publishing software.

4. Combine the information together

While designing the funeral program, make sure the readers can understand what you want to convey. Keep the information orderly. If you face any confusion, feel free to take help of an officiant. If you put a lot of information on once page, it will appear cluttered. Keep funeral prayer cards, and it will look good.

5. Don’t forget to add photographs

The cards should have a perfect mixture of deceased pictures that can show the person’s serious as well as fun side. You can have a formal photo at the front and add other pictures within your statements. It will also bea good idea to collage the photos and make it card’s background. The first thing that everyone will see the cover of the program. So, choose a better design. You can choose an image of rainbows, sunsets, flowers and more. The options are endless. All you need to consider the perfect one.

6. Choose a better printer

You can print the obituary program at home or using a professional printer. For best result try to avoid printing the program from your home printer as it will only give a ‘home-made’ look which may be unsuitable for friends and can make loved ones alive. In addition, using low-quality paper will also lead to an unattractive funeral event.

The price here comes in the middle – it won’t be as low as doing it yourself, but it won’t be as expensive as you went with the template option. Expect prices to start near 100 for $345. But even though this price is more than what you are willing to spend, consider the peace of mind that you will receive from an experienced professional with minimal stress in addition to the high standard quality of handling the process.

7. Send a thank you card

To make your funeral program successful, it is important to send the funeral thank you cards who have attended the funeral. With this, you can acknowledge their acts of support and kindness.
Follow these steps, and you can come up with a perfect funeral program without dealing with any issues. Prepare the best one and say a proper goodbye to your loved one.

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