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How To Make Your Cut Orchids Last Longer?

by Melanie Peterson
These bulbous and fragrant plants require minimal care but as soon as these plants are cut you need to realize that they are already dying. Saving them and having them for eternity is all we wish for but we need to know that these flowers will die sooner or later. If you wish to gift these blooms to your loved one or your significant other you can always get flowers delivery in Bangalore at midnight.

Caring for these plants requires a gentle and loving hand as they are also fragile. They are said to come with fewer downsides like any other plants but you need to be careful when you are dealing with this plant. If you are a new plant parent or new in the realm of the flowering world, we are here to help you out so that you don’t make any blunders or shorten the life span of these beautiful flowers.

In this way, your orchids are bound to last longer and will live a happy and healthy life and as we know they are surely bound to last longer. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind with those amazing orchids at your place:

Not Hardcore Fans Of H2O 

Yes! You read that right. Unlike other plants, these plants don’t require a lot of water. If you are going to assume that they are going to grow like any other flowers that you bring to your home then it is a big NO!

Orchids don’t require vases full of water. You just have to put some orchids in a vase which just one fourth filled with the water and then watch them grow. Excessive water is known to make their roots rot. If you still are facing this problem then you should drain the water for some time and then put them back again in water after a day.

Direct Sun is Not Their Cup Of Tea

You should never, ever, ever, keep the orchids in direct sunlight. They are extremely fragile and direct sunlight is bound to have its effects on them. They need to be kept in a room where there is plenty of natural light but don’t keep them near the window. You know something, orchids are our cup of tea, you can always get flower delivery in Mumbai.

Underwatering is Also a Big Problem 

Well, hate to break it to you but we told you to care for an orchid is not that easy.  But if you think that the leaves, stem or the petals are losing their vibrancy then it is always better to water them.
We know that at times it is difficult for you to know how much you need to water these plants and hey! When we say that they are not hardcore fans of water, does not mean that you will not water them at all.

They need to be watered as they are in their process of dying.

They Love Humidity

Remember that they are from the tropics and you need to avoid overly dry and airy areas for most homes this is not the issue as we know how to maintain that but at times it becomes an issue.
What you can do is, you can always make the humidity tray. All you need is a tray and pebbles and you need to pour some water in it this will also let the humidity develop for the house plants. You just need to fill the tray with one layer of pebbles and then fill the water halfway up the rocks. This is an easy way to create humidity and you wot even have to buy a humidifier.

It is All About The Temperature

Orchids love the room temperature just like we do but one thing that we should keep in mind is that the room temperature should go down by ten degrees at night which will help the orchid to grow in a better environment as it is the orchid which is influenced by the temperature. The plant you have right now is at the peak of its perfection. You can always take care of it by setting up perfect temperature settings for it.

Things You Can Remember

  • You should always cut half-inch stem of the plants before placing them back in the vase. 
  • Ask your florists to provide you with the flower food. 
  • If you witness any crown rot use hydrogen peroxide and then apply some cinnamon to the affected area. 

We got all your orchid needs taken care of, you need to gift orchids to the one you love or admire, please do so with chocolates, cakes and teddy bears. You are free to visit bloomsvilla and choose your favourite blooms.

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