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4 Tips for Finding Clues in Escape Rooms

by Melanie Peterson

One of the most exciting parts of any escape rooms experience is the hunt for clues. Before you start working away at any one problem, it’s always good practice to thoroughly search the room for clues that might help you on your way. You’ll definitely thank yourself for it, and there’s nothing like the thrill of happening upon a new vital piece of information.

So read on to discover four handy tips to make your search as focused and efficient as possible.

1. Don’t overlook anything

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s surprisingly easy to pass over clues that are literally hidden in plain sight. Don’t fall for it! If anything seems weirdly obvious or easy to solve, it’s probably hiding something more. The answer may very well be right under your nose.

2. Take in the big picture

It’s easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty details when you’re working your way through any popular escape room. Try not to get too lost in the little things, and step back now and then to get a grasp on the big picture. There might be clues written large in caps or bold letters around the room that you’re missing because you’re too focused on minutiae.

3. Look for perceptual illusions

If you come across a painting or image that looks a bit unusual, test to make sure if it’s an illusion. Try coming at it from different angles or as you’re squinting. You may discover hidden words or codes hidden in the topsy-turvy depths of the image.

4. Go big on the black light

If you’re given a black light flashlight, use it for all it’s worth. Shine that black light over every inch of the room like you’re at a crime scene! Once you’ve conducted a sweeping search of the premises, you can be more precise and shine it over clues you’ve already found to see if you can glean anything else. Beaming it around locks and picture frames might also reveal new information. The room might just be swimming in invisible ink messages waiting to be found.

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