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How To Get More Engagements And Comments On Your Instagram Posts?

by Maria Berg

When you put an extra of yourself into creating Instagram content, it is your right to Get Real Instagram Comments appreciated and loved. But unfortunately, it doesn’t come for free. You have to make people realize that you are worth it.

You have to engage them more, attract them more, and thus they will be able to like what you give, a precursor to starting a healthy engagement. Here is how to do that.

1. Organize a contest

Organizing a contest helps you more than you can imagine in order to get more engagement and likes. Instagram contests are always appreciated by the audience. Try to set a catchy prize, to elevate their will to be a part.

Once they are attracted, try to set the criteria of entrance according to the interests you want to extract from the contest. Like if you want people to like you more, ask them to first like a particular number of posts and then enter the contest. It will definitely be smooth to go with.

2. Use hashtags

How could you follow or take lead to someone if the posts of that person are entirely unavailable to see? For just having to first find the person. That’s what hashtags do to your posts. When your post has a hashtag or keyword embedded in it, it becomes more visible to the people on Instagram.

The more it makes its way to their feed, the more are the chances to get a surge in the number of likes and comments on your posts. You need to add relevant and to-the-point hashtags to your posts.

3. Encourage the audience to comment

Try to write the caption in which you appreciate the audience watching you and try to encourage them to interact and engage with you. Try to respond to every comment they leave on your posts.

The least you can do is like every comment if you are not able to do that. It builds their confidence and people try to like and comment more on the posts uploaded in the future. It is one of the most effective ways to initiate communication and earn likes and comments.

4. Post discussable topics

If you want to engage people with you, you must ask for their opinions first. Try to post on the topics which induce them to think. Make them put forward their views and try to reply and appreciate what they think.

You can repost the views of your audience on your story as well as a gesture of making them feel respected. In almost all cases, it becomes a healthy source of interaction. Once you have successfully interacted, the likes and comments will increase accordingly, too.

5. Post videos

Rather than reading long paragraphs or posts fed with so many words, people prefer visuals. Try to bring forward your ideas in the form of videos. People would like to prefer that to anything.

Once you have chosen videos to be the form you want your content to take, try to use catchy features, Instagram provides you with, and then make a video that can attract people. They will definitely be going to like and comment on your videos.

6. Ask questions

Questions are meant to be answered. When you ask questions, people with ideas, thoughts, and opinions will always like to answer.

Once that happens, upload their answers on your Instagram story, or you can even highlight the best comment in order to encourage people for more engagement. When respected and encouraged, people tend to like your posts and the surge in that elevates.

7. Be brandy

A minor, but the most crucial part of your content is that it has to be brandy. There are so many platforms and so many sources that if people ever find your content unworthy it will take them a moment to unfollow you and choose someone else.

Don’t let it slide out. Try to qualify your posts using pro features and graphics.

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