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Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Society

by Melanie Peterson
Social Media has made its presence felt in the society in this decade like never before. Millions of people are glued to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and so on. A pertinent question that arises is that “Has people become more sociable?” If we consider the genre of the human race, communication was always a need or better says socializing was always a need to exist and co-exist.

It’s only that these platforms have made socializing much easier. Now people need not travel to parties or meet in groups to socialize. They can just log into their social media account and get 20 or so friends to talk about different things. The world has become more integrated with these social media platforms providing 24*7 ease to chat or gossip on different things through assignment help. But the present socializing happening on these platforms is not without its good and bad effects .

Some Key facts about social media usage (Source: Kit Smith- Brandwatch, December 2019)

  • There are 3+ billion social media users. 
  • On average, every person has 6+ social media accounts
  • The average daily time spent on social media is 142 minutes a day
  • Social media users grew by 328 million between October 2018 and October 2019

Advantages of Social Media

1. Stay more in touch with family
We have seen how families went from joint to nuclear ones with separations owing to work, studies and different other reasons. Now social media has allowed the families to chat whenever they want on any topics and rejuvenate those family bonds even when the members stay continent apart.

2. More well-informed citizen
It takes not more than a few seconds for any news happening in the UK to travel to America or anything happening in China to travel to the UK, all thanks to social media. News of social and other importance is available to people across the globe instantaneously and that too in a personalized manner with full details.

So, citizens across the globe are becoming more well-informed in terms of information, cultural trends in societies and others.

3. Makes people more sociable
According to a study, introverts tend to communicate less in person as the overall consciousness of the person (of his behavior, activities, etc.) increases in a group or meeting. Social Media is a respite to such people who can communicate easily.

Not only that it is a great means for old people to communicate or gossip when old age forbids travel to distant places. Moreover, freedom of access anytime, anywhere at minimum cost makes these social media platforms more lucrative. You can also send the best comment on friend pic on fb to start the conversation with your friend circle and also share funny memes with them.

Disadvantages of Social Media

1. Can foment tensions from rumors
Through social media platforms, news travels fast around the world and so also the rumors.
Think, if any rumor regarding some religious strife or dissent among communities spread, it can create widespread tensions among masses. Thus, societies can become more unstable at such times. Hatred can spread equally fast on social media as information.

2. Loss of grades
For any student glued to gossip and chats with friends on social media can take a toll on grades. The very habit of confining oneself and studying for long hours would go off, leading to poor academic performance. Moreover, cyber-bullying becomes easy as it is very easy to drop intimidating messages, even personal ones on social media. This can negatively affect students.

The addictive behavior arising from social media use is really a matter of concern as the overall personality of being is changing and productivity at workplace and colleges/schools is also going down. People hooked to digital devices have greater feelings of anxiety than their counterparts.

3. Loss of privacy
Every-time you log into a social media account, you provide certain personal information of yours. This information is managed in secure servers and not let out to anyone. But as the Facebook case shows, all of this personal information can be compromised. One data breach; and all your information lands in public.

Loss of internet privacy is a major concern for the entire social media. After all, none would want a personal message to friends, family or beloved to land in public under his name.

So the good and the bad of social media must be weighed properly before giving a portion of your life on it. End of the day, your personal security in terms of a data breach and critical hacks would matter the most.

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