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Top 7 Free apps for Students

by Melanie Peterson
Today I am going to write about Best Free Apps For Students. By using these apps, you can improve your performance, marks, and achieve more numbers in exams.

You may be aware of some of these apps, but I promise you will not know about all the apps. Let’s start telling all these apps.

List of 7 Free Apps For Students

1. Alarmy:

There is a lot of problem in life, You want to get up early in the morning but can’t get up because of sleep.  No matter how much you sleep, but it becomes difficult to wake up in the morning, then the Alarmy app can prove very beneficial for you.

But this app Alarmy will not let you sleep after getting up in the morning. Snooz an alarm in this app is not easy because it has a lot of tasks, all you have to do is give yourself a difficult task by setting the alarm at night and then when the alarm will ring in the morning until you solve that task. Alarm Will not stop.

And by the time you solve that task, you have lost your sleep.

Download Here

2. Meritnation

This app is quite popular among CBSE and ICSE students. In this type, you will get study material from class six to class 10th, and you will get NCERT solution, revision, notes, etc. in this app.
Here you can also ask the answer to your question from the expert and can also download the previous year’s paper. And most popular reference books (like R.D. Sharma) solutions will also be found here.

Along with this, you will get a lot of information related to engineering and medical exams in this app, which can prove to be of great use for you.

Download Here

3. Socratic

Many times mistakes are made while solving the question of Math; it is not known at which step the mistake is being done. If you are stuck on the answer of a question, it is not getting solved by you; then only you have to click the photo of that question using this app, it will show the answer automatically.

By using this app, you can find the answer to almost all subject questions.

Download Here

4. Loop- Habit Tracker 

Loop is a best habit tracker android app for students. In this app, you get graphs and statics in detail with the help of which you can track your habits. The interface of this app is user friendly.
If you repeat a habit, its graph becomes strong, and the less you use a habit, the weaker its graph becomes. Children can improve their good habits during the exam days and eliminate bad habits forever.

Download Here

5. Brainly 

With the help of Brainly you can ask your questions to others and get your answers from others. It is a best apps for students.

You can prepare Math, Chemistry, History, Social Study, Science through this app. By using it, you can get a good grip on any subject.

Download Here

6. Microsoft Office Lens 

It is a best app for students who need to scan any document. Microsoft image lens can scan any document. Through this app, you can convert any document into a PPT file, PDF file, or Word file.
In the earlier times, if you had to take notes from someone, Then you have to photocopy those notes, it used to take a lot of time in it, Microsoft Lens has made this task easier. 

Download here

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7. Blue Light Filter 

Most of the students spend more and more time on mobile. In such a situation, blue light filters are needed to protect their eyes. This app reduces the blue light of your phone and changes the screen to natural color.

Because of this, the pressure on your eyes decreases, so I think this app must be on your mobile.

Download Here

Final Words

So this was some Best Apps For Students that will add some value in your life, will add some value in your life in your studies.

So, these are all of these apps which are very useful for students. All students must use these apps. If you have any suggestions or queries, you can make comments. If you like our article, you can share it on social media platforms.

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