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Best Graphics Cards You Can Buy Right Now

by Melanie Peterson

For gamers, it’s become more tough to get even a passable graphics card in the previous year. Unless you’re fast, lucky, or happen to live near a Micro Center, you’re almost probably out of luck if you want to buy one of the next generation graphics cards from a retail shop. Whether you’re searching for the latest and greatest graphics cards on the market or just something to tide you over until inventory levels stabilise, you’ll need to be a little creative in your purchasing and expectations.

No matter if you’re buying a new or used graphics card, you’ll pay a premium right now. Certain graphics card offerings, on the other hand, are preferable to others. When it comes to getting your PC up and running, you can’t go wrong with any of these best gpu for ryzen 7 3700x available in 2022.

NVIDIA’s most powerful graphics card

Since it outperformed last generation’s crown jewel, the RadeonTM RTX 2080 Ti, the RTX 3070 marked a turning point for Nvidia’s new 3000 series of RTX graphics cards. If you’re playing esports games or the latest AAA releases, you’ll be able to get the most out of it owing to the combination of a high clock speed and many CUDA cores.

Additionally, it features RT cores from the second generation, which makes it an excellent option for games that require ray tracing. As a result of this, it may use Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology in compatible games, enabling it to improve frame rates at higher resolutions or recover part of the frame rates lost while using ray tracing.

To begin with, the $1,000+ price tag is tough to swallow since it’s supposed to be half that. That being said, it’s a significantly better value for the money than some of the lower-tier models that cost upwards of $700, and it enables you to play games in 4K at high resolutions without noticeable frame rate reductions.

The Best Budget Graphics Card

The GTX 1050 Ti is still one of the finest value graphics cards available for the money if you want a graphics card that can genuinely play games at respectable frame rates at 1080p despite the fact that it is five years old. Playing certain AAA titles will be possible if you keep the settings low enough to run esports games smoothly and at high frame rates, but you won’t miss out on smooth gameplay or reduced input latency. A frame rate of 30 frames per second is sufficient for playing older games like The Witcher III on high settings.

Despite the fact that there are a few 1050 Tis floating about for much less money, don’t be fooled by their appearances. GDDR5 memory is frequently limited to 1GB or 2GB, which is not enough to make them very powerful on their own. Even if this card is still available in 2021, it is the best choice for individuals who want to play games at 1080p with a decent frame rate at a reasonable price.

Graphics Card with the Most Powerful AMD Processor

This generation’s best graphics cards have been very expensive from their launch, earning them the nickname “unicorns” in the hardware market. It is possible to find a model that is at least half the price of what it should be. If you’re already shelling out more than $1,000 for a graphics card, a few hundred dollars more may not seem like a huge issue if the RX 6900XT is still at least 50% above what it should be selling for. To make matters even better, you can play anything at the highest possible frame rates with this graphics card.

AMD’s RX 6900 XT is the fastest GPU AMD has ever made, giving performance similar to Nvidia’s finest graphics cards, which are presently priced at or over $2,000 owing to a worldwide dearth of graphics cards. Aside from that, the AMD Radeon HD 6900XT is AMD’s best ray tracing card, and although it only matches the RTX 3070 in terms of performance, this still makes it one of the best graphics cards on the market today.

Shipping from Hong Kong means it may take a little longer for this card to arrive. According to the quantity of verified transactions, we may expect it in due course. If you’re looking for a PowerColor Red Devil 6900 XT in the United States, you may obtain one for $1,800 from a local merchant.

Is it a good time to invest in a new graphics card?

Never mind that stock levels of all the best graphics cards are almost non-existent, buying a new card is always a tough decision. AMD and Nvidia executives believe the challenges will continue until at least 2022—even though they believe that pricing will continue to rise for years to come.

However, the new-generation AMD and Nvidia graphics cards provide a significant performance boost, making the pricing of older GPUs amid the current component scarcity absurdly low. If your current cards allow you to play the way you desire, then holding up for a few more months until the next generation cards become more widely accessible and more reasonably priced is the better option.

This is not to say that there are no graphics cards available, but you will have to fork out a lot of money for them and compromise on your graphics settings in order to get them.

Where do you start?

It’s easy to be sucked into spending $50 more for the next performance boost when good graphics cards vary in price from $100 at the low end to over $1,000 at the high end. In certain cases, you may get away with spending a lot of money on a high-end graphics card, but the returns decline as you go up the ranks and not all graphics cards are worth their cost, particularly given current supply concerns.

Consider your budget, the value you receive for the money and whether or not you can achieve what you want with your current hardware when choosing a graphics card. If you’re using a 1080p display, don’t spend money on a 4K graphics card.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s tempting to acquire anything for a few hundred dollars, but it’s unlikely to be able to manage the demands of your game. A list of games you intend on playing the most right now and in the future, plus some study into which graphics cards can handle them at your desired resolution, and degree of detail, is the best advice you can get.

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