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Best Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do At Home

by Melanie Peterson

As per the research, around 2/3rd of the Indian adults try to shed weight every year. From dieting to exercising, they incorporate every change in their lifestyle to remove those extra pounds. A good and consistent workout plan helps in burning your gained calories and gives you a desirable shape.

Besides helping you in weight loss, exercise can offer you plenty of benefits, including stronger bones, great mood, and lowers your risk of heart diseases. Working out at home can help you lose a significant amount of weight and make you feel confident. All you need to do is find the right weight loss exercise to start with. You can surely burn many calories by doing weight loss exercise. So, here we are providing you with a few tips as to how you can lose weight by working out at home.


1. Do Cardio Workout At Home

Cardio is the best weight loss exercise you can add in your workout routine will help you in reducing the right amount of weight. It is simpler to do at an outdoor location that comprises several physical activities like swimming, cycling and running. However, it is possible to exercise at home and increase your heart rate. Here we are giving you a few of the examples:

Rope Skipping: Rope skipping will aid you in burning off calories too fast. This fun-filled exercise will help in building up buttocks muscle and carve the thighs.

Exercise bike or Elliptical trainer: If you want to achieve that stunning look, then you need to invest in this machine, it will be worth it if you use it regularly as it serves the best option for weight loss exercise. To buy an exercise bike check on Relifesports.

Stepping Up And Down: Stepping Up and Down is fantastic, and it will help you achieve a great figure with just a simple step!

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training is apt for you if you can’t devote your much time but still have the zeal to shed your weight at a faster rate and build up your muscle. This excellent method offers a fantastic combination of intense effort along with a short recovery break.


2. Body Weight Exercises

You read it right! With just your body weight and no extra equipment, it is possible for you to burn fat and exercise. Here are a few exercises that you can consider:

Burpees: It is considered as one of the most sought-after fat burning exercises! It is famous in all the CrossFit programmes, and it utilizes your whole body, by offering a combination of push-ups, jumping, and squats.

Push-Ups: We do not have to introduce this exercise as almost everyone is familiar with this exercise. It helps in strengthening your upper body and put your muscles on work, thereby increasing the fat burning process.

Sit-Ups: Sit-ups work effectively on your thighs and abdominal region to  help you get the desired result. Just like push-ups, one can bring variations in their exercising patterns to focus on various abdominals parts.

Squats: It is the perfect exercise that would help you in getting your thighs in ideal shape.



That special day is not too far when you wear the most amazing dress that you were yearning for months. As you can achieve the desired look by doing some basic and advanced weight loss exercise. The above mentioned were some of the best exercises that you can do at home to get a perfect body.

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