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The Rise of Mobile Media: The 5 Best News Apps

by Maria Berg

The rise of smartphones in recent years has transformed the way people consume information and news for the last time. In a time of constant change media firms had to be agile and develop complete digital strategies. Since smartphones have become the mainstay of our daily life, mobile apps had to sit at the forefront of these strategies.

Today, a lot of news apps show that the absence of printed editions or newsstands (or just a few of them) and that it could be sooner rather than later, should not be something that consumers and media companies need to be worried about. If they’re designed properly news apps do not just transfer the appearance and feel of magazines and newspapers to mobile devices, but provide media with new angles and ways to offer coverage at a single location, as well as to a global audience base.

Below are the Five hand-picked news apps that fulfill the promise of today. Check out our list to be in the mood for your own news app, discover yourself a brand-new source of news or just browse the examples of fantastic mobile apps.

The New York Times (iOS)

If you do prefer the newspapers printed in paper rather than news apps, it’s difficult to argue it that New York Times did a fantastic job of bringing their well-known style and reporting to mobile. It’s the same New York Times, only more attractive and practical and readily available wherever you wish to access it.

Experience for users and the design are top-notch: sections are well-organized (with the ability to quickly access Saved for Later and Recently Viewed) and navigation is simple and quick and the app’s crisp images are simple to read. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take a look at the morning briefing or read evening news in the newspaper’s various sections, you’ll have a pleasure.

The app is in good shape inside the app too There aren’t any bugs or crashes and the site loads fast even when you have a weak internet connectivity. The app is ad-supported but they’re not intrusive and work naturally.

In terms of sections that cover different topics, The New York Times app has everything: from traditional Opinion World, Business, and Sport — to sections about wellness and health as well as entertainment and the arts along with podcasts and video in addition to many other sections. You can also read every day’s newspaper within the appropriate section.

With a well-written “Immersive” section that is specifically devoted to AR as well as VR-related news The NYT reinforces the idea that digital and mobile technology can bring new life to media, giving readers interesting perspectives and perspectives.

The readers can read a small amount of content for free each month, or they can sign up for any of these plans.

Al Jazeera English

In addition to its attractive and user-friendly design the thing that is what makes it stand out from the crowd is that what makes Al Jazeera app stand out is its focus in live coverage. They can be accessed quickly as either audio or video streams and are equally enjoyable to watch on tablets or smartphones.

Al Jazeera understands the needs of today’s users more than other media firms The app features two additional video sections that complement the Live broadcast – documentaries and programming on demand. Other sections highlight the most popular stories, the latest news and opinions pieces.

You can customize your feed by going to “My Feed” section “My Feed” section, which gives an easy way to bookmark topics, saved pages and even programs. However, getting around Al Jazeera English is a breeze. For smaller monitors, there’s plenty of breathing room and the segments are well-organized.

Sections comprise the following: Arts & Culture, Business & Economy, Environment, Poverty and Development, Human Rights and more, in addition to an additional section that covers diverse regions around the world. Readers are also able to access archives of content.

Al Jazeera English is free-of-charge.

New Yorker Today

Similar to like the New York Times, The New Yorker magazine has been able to move mobile with huge success. The magazine’s design and style has been captured of the magazine extremely effectively, New Yorker Today serves three objectives: provides the most recent news, opinion articles, pieces, and writing, as well as rapid access to the decade-long library of the magazine’s renowned cartoons; and provide quick access to the magazine library, which includes the most recent and archives issues.

Although the magazine’s website and application can be used on their own and be used independently, New Yorker Today seems to target readers who wish to get access to the most popular elements of the New Yorker’s digital offerings all in one location.


  • Recent news and writing
  • Randomization of cartoons
  • Digital version from the publication (differs from the app for magazines)
  • Bookmarks and the history of bookmarks

There are a few of articles that are free to read as well as a range of subscription options that are available to readers.


In terms of news apps are concerned, Pocket is not a common media app. The core of the app is a simple idea that users can save websites and articles to be read later or viewed later However, it does its promise to the maximum. If you are a news reader and want to read stories from various publications however do not want to be overwhelmed by the constant stream of headlines from news aggregators (or you simply find the design and experience of Instapaper insipid), Pocket will your best option.

Pocket is integrated into all the popular browsers on mobile and desktop, and comes with more than 15000 apps, it is easy and quick to save your articles wherever you can find them. There are numerous tools to manage them, too. You’ll always find the correct article fast using tags and several sections, all well-organized in a very user-friendly design. Other features include selecting the background color, highlighting the text, listening to any piece of content, or following your friends to know the content they’re studying.

All this is no cost; however, you can avail additional options like advanced search or fonts by purchasing the premium version. The site also has an article section that is curated in a variety of different publications, regularly updated and a search tool to search for the articles you want to find in different categories.

Pocket is updated continuously, free of bugs and user-experience is the same in the web application and the native applications (although you can’t listen to the audio of articles using the web application). The app is surprisingly, built inside Mozilla’s Firefox browser, and the property of its creators, Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla Corporation.


The appealing design and simple navigation on TechCrunch’s site can be enjoyed using any browser, however it is possible to choose the app of the publication instead. It has the same visual style of the site but offers a more specific personalized, customized and free of ads.

Staying up-to-date with the latest news in technology using the TechCrunch application is easy quick, easy, and enjoyable. You can look through the headlines of the most recent stories and save them within the feed. A different section combines subjects you are interested in all-in-one location, so you can stay informed about them in this section. In addition, there’s “Saved for Later,” where you can access the bookmarked articles. Additionally, you can access the most recent TechCrunch videos right at the start of your main feed.

In the end it is that the TechCrunch application streamlines the reading of technology news to the max and provides a quick experience that is free of ads, bugs or costs.

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