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Tiktok’s Distinctive Features Are What Make It Stand Out From Other Social Media Sites

by Melanie Peterson

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, TikTok users are not limited to creating movies that are just fifteen or sixty seconds long. Instead, they may now produce films that are up to three minutes long. This allows individuals and companies to develop content for a diverse set of target demographics.

Tiktoks Distinctive Features Are What Make It Stand Out From Other Social Media Sites

TikTok is unlike any other app since it promotes the sharing of short films that are authentic, timely, and fun to watch. Subtitles and unique overlays may be created by users and set to popular songs. Plus, it can rapidly connect with other social media networks, making it easy to share content with other users.

This in and of itself creates a deeper bond with the customers your business is targeting.

To what demographic does TikTok cater the most?

If you assume that people from Generation Z are the app’s primary audience, you may want to reevaluate that belief. The majority of the site’s visitors are young adults (16-24), while those in the 10–29 age range account for 47.4% of the site’s active users.
In addition, and here is where things become really interesting, people in their forties through their eighties and beyond will become more active contributors and users of the app.

Keeping these numbers in mind, as well as the fact that 71% of customers say social media influences their shopping decisions, indicates why businesses would be wise to pay attention. After all, getting people interested and aware is the very first stage in any funnel. In the United States alone, Millennials and Generation Z are increasingly relying on mobile entertainment on social media as a primary or supplementary source of information. In this case the Tiktok Ads Library can be really useful.

One cannot ignore the fact that this has led to a total buying power of $350 billion dollars

Among American adults, TikTok ranked second only to Facebook in terms of daily engagement time spent there, at 33 minutes.

TikTok’s female-to-male user ratio is 2:1, and its user base in the United States has grown by 5.5 times in the previous 18 months alone.

As time has passed, TikTok’s original intention as a video platform for artists to utilise to express their creativity has shifted, and it is now a safe haven for the promotion and advertising of corporations.

Your company’s visibility will increase as a result

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t need another another social networking site.” However, keep in mind that this may be an investment that is well worth it for the long-term health of your brand depending on the type of your business, the demographics of your consumer base, and the particulars of your sector.

In other words, TikTok has been successful for many companies because it gives them access to a user base that they couldn’t reach any other way. This is due to TikTok’s ability to boost its users’ exposure and inventiveness.


Increasing your company’s visibility raises the odds of retaining current customers, winning over new ones, and boosting overall brand awareness. That’s because exposure begets exposure, and so on. If your organisation takes a less formal approach with a concentration on video, it may convey its expertise in a manner that is as natural, entertaining, authentic, and realistic as is humanly possible.

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