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How to Increase the Number of Followers and Traffic of Your Instagram Account Organically

by Melanie Peterson
Even though you may not be able to relate to it immediately but gradually, Instagram is becoming like Google. Just like after making a query on Google, you get to see the search results page and you know that the ranking of the websites is not accidental but a result of effective SEO practices, your Instagram account can be optimized as well to enable people to discover your account more easily and quickly. A quick look at how you can grow the number of you Instagram follower organically using SEO techniques:

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Optimize Your Instagram Username and Instagram Name

Both the Instagram username and the name are searchable terms on Instagram and act like as if they were keywords. Apart from your business name and brand name, you can think of incorporating the name of the industry you are operating in, your specialty or even your location in the username and name. The most effective results are obtained when you can optimize the username and name to what your users are most likely to use when searching for you or business in your niche.

Optimize Your Photos 

The prime reason why Instagram has become a raging success is because of its visual orientation so visual content is of prime importance in growing your account. All the photos that you use should be of very high quality so that your Instagram followers can figure out immediately what the photo is all about. With Instagram making increasing use of image recognition technology, it is even more important to ensure that Instagram can figure out what the photo is so that it will automatically boost it in the feed of people who have shown interest in similar photos.

Configure Custom ALT Text for Your Instagram Photos 

Now with you being able to compose custom ALT text for Instagram photos, the same photos can also be picked up by Google and displayed in the search results if the keywords in the query and the ALT text match. The use of ALT text in Instagram photos is not common as yet so this is a big chance for brand marketers to get ahead of the competition and leverage the power of Google to promote their Instagram photo content. According to Searchenginejournal.com, Instagram is building in the capability of generating a description of the image using object recognition technology with the automatic addition of the Alt text.

Step Outside Your Instagram Feed to Interact with Other People

If all the engagement you indulge in is restricted to what appears in your own feed, you are liable to stunt the growth of your followers. Since interaction is the key to follower growth, it can be a very productive tactic for you to step outside your feed and start liking and commenting on posts of other people who may be your prime target audience. As per Instagram etiquette and following their natural instincts, these account holders are also liable to look up your Instagram account, like your posts and even become followers.


By applying many of the common SEO techniques to the management of your Instagram account, you can make it more easily discoverable by users and encourage them to become your followers as well as visit your website and engage more with you. Check out a great app GetInsta to get lots of free Instagram followers easily.

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Ariya Stark is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. She delights clients, helping them to Instagram followers. She loves to travel, write, and play baseball.

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