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Unique Ways to Raise Money

by Melanie Peterson

There are many reasons why you might want to raise money for your organization. But sometimes, coming up with new and unique ways can prove challenging, particularly if you have held fundraisers before and are subsequently looking for more innovative ideas. Luckily, there are always various unique fundraising methods you can use to help you get there, and the following are some of the ones you could try next.

Engraved Bricks

One unique way to raise funds is by offering engraved bricks. These engraved bricks give your donors a keepsake that recognizes their donation; plus, they are also practical. They can be placed on a desktop or shelf or possibly even used as a commemorative feature of a wall or house.

Whether you get your company logo engraved on the brick or want to offer a few words of gratitude, an engraved brick is something not many people have seen before and can prove truly meaningful. 

Fundraising T-Shirts

If you are looking for other keepsakes to give to your donors, a customized printed t-shirt is another good idea. There are various custom t-shirt printing websites that allow you to choose whatever design you want on a t-shirt. You could pre-print these shirts before you hold your fundraiser, or you could give donors the option to select their own design and have it sent to them later. 

Balloon Popping

This is another unique fundraising idea that adds a bit of mystery. The idea behind this is to blow up balloons and put a piece of paper with a prize within each balloon. Then, you can allow donors to choose a balloon to pop and see what prize they win. 

You could even separate the balloons into categories, such as one for low-cost prizes and another for high-cost prizes – and the more money donors give, the higher the category they can select a balloon from, which will persuade them to donate more so that they can pick a higher-level balloon.

Donor Recognition Wall

Another unique fundraising method is to create a wall within the building of your organization that lists the names of the people who have donated funds. There are some companies that can help you create these walls and make them unique and special to your organization. You can raise money this way by holding an unveiling ceremony, charging admission for people to come and look, and providing food and drinks for all your guests. 

Music Event

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good music show? This event could take a variety of different formats, such as turning it into a talent show or even a festival. The possibilities are endless with this one, and all you have to do is find a suitable venue and charge admission to help you raise money. Plus, you could even sell food and drinks for guests to enjoy during the event. This can give your donors a night to remember whilst also raising money for your organization.

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