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How Do You Protect The Plants From Mold?

by Melanie Peterson

Many plant lovers know about managing the yellow leaves, the simple answer is less or more water. But what if you have to deal with a complex potted houseplant issue? This can be like mold growth. The plants witness the growth of mold on their leaves or soil and are seen to send a clear signal of getting excess water or less sun. This can be a threat to other plants but can be easily fixed. 

● Dealing With Mold 

Mold isn’t just an issue for cannabis plants. It is something that can grow on any plant life as long as they have enough moisture in their environment. While mold is typically found in dark corners of houses and businesses, it can also take over shelves of food storage, clothes closets, or shelving units where dry foods are stocked. 

Mold spores like to spread quickly if they are able to find plenty of food with minimal competition. You may not know that you have mold lingering somewhere in your home until you start to feel sick from breathing in its spores. This usually means that there is an area that needs cleaning immediately. But if you are growing cannabis at home, then try giving your plants a sniff first before worrying about more hospitable areas of the household.

● Getting Rid Of Existing Mold 

Existing mold in plants can be harmful to your health. It is significant to get rid of it quickly. You can use bleach, vinegar, or baking soda to remove the mold. It is a familiar fact that plants purify the air. They are used in offices and public places to improve the quality of air indoors. In addition to this, they also improve the look of the surroundings. 

However, these benefits can be negated if the plants are moldy. Mold spores in the environment can cause health problems in people. Using integra boost packs can get rid of the existing mold of any kind of plant and you can prevent it from growing back. You can also isolate your plant as mold can get quickly spread from one to another. If the mold is new, a trick can help you to get rid. 

● Keeping A Check 

For outdoor weed-growers, it is important to know since humidity is naturally higher outside than inside, be aware that rain might leave behind fungus spores on outdoor crops. This could compromise indoor crops later on by spreading their spores through the air during transportation or storage indoors. Make sure to dry out outdoor plants before bringing them into homes with other living things that don’t need bacteria left behind by fungi blowing around inside their lungs and sinuses!

● Preventing Future Mold Growth 

You can prevent the annoying mold from creeping back by setting up a good foundation for the houseplants. Begin with high-quality potting soil as in some cases the soil plants have been using for growth is not the best. Keep awareness of the plant tag so that you know how much water and light are needed by the plant. This will be keeping the plants healthy. 

Lucky for people, there is a product on the market specifically designed to keep the plants happy: a humidity pack! While not mandatory, you can pick some up if you plan on storing in the dark for an extended period of time or if you live in a region with unpredictable weather patterns. There are several different brands available as integra boost humidity packs nowadays, so feel free to experiment and see which one works best for you!  

Some will last longer than others as humidity packs are simply bags filled with vegetable-based gel crystals that absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Once they have absorbed all they can, you can throw them out and replace them with new ones. Generally speaking, though, expect about two weeks of around 70% RH from each pack before it’s time to swap it out for fresh ones. 

Not only in plants, but this is applicable to wooden instruments as well. For example, if it’s around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and there is 70% relative humidity, then hardwood instruments will more readily absorb moisture than if it were cooler outside. In addition, keeping an instrument away from sources of heat or cold can prevent drastic changes in its size over short periods of time.


The plants may get occupied by the mold which can be dangerous for them. Mold can also spread from one plant to another. It is you who need to decide if the plant’s mold is dangerous or not. Removal of mold and preventing its future growth is very important. You can buy Integra Boost 62% 2 Gram for the perseverance of your plants. Make sure the plants remain healthy always!

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