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Improvements That Can Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

by Melanie Peterson

Whether you want to elevate your home’s curb appeal for yourself or you are looking to sell – what you do is more important than ever. You compete with other homeowners, and you want to get the best outcome. Not all improvement works that you do (or want to do) to your home will add value. For example, adding those garden sculptures and gnomes to the yard may brighten it up, but it will put homebuyers off. So, what home improvements are going to elevate your home’s curb appeal?

Windows and Doors

Old and dated windows and doors will let a home down, and they will make it look old (even if it is not). UPVC windows that have faced will look unsightly, and damaged windows and panes will make a home look neglected. The windows and doors are one of the first things that visitors (or potential buyers) will see. If your UPVC windows are not that old and they are still functioning well, then look at giving windows and doors a coat of paint. Professional painters can add a new coat of paint in a color such as grey or white – which will make windows look new again.

Roofing Repairs and Improvements

The roof of your home is the first thing that visitors or passers-by see. If roof shingles are falling off or if they are damaged or looking a little worse for wear, it will affect curb appeal. A roof that is in bad shape or in poor condition will let the whole home down. Getting in a professional roofing company like JS&R Roofing Contractor to carry out maintenance and repair work to your roof is essential. If your roof is not looking as good as it should, then chances are it is not performing as it should either. If performance is poor, you can then expect leaks and damage to the inside of your home – so do not avoid getting roof repairs and maintenance carried out as soon as you can.

New Paintwork

Flaking, old, and even faded paintwork can let the facade of your home down. If you have shiplap or boarding that requires a new coat of stain, or if you have fencing that is looking old, you will see that all of this has an impact on curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint will lift and boost how your home looks and how it feels too. Fresh paintwork makes a home look loved and cared for.

Flowers, Trees, and Landscaping

No matter how big or small your outside space is, you must ensure that it looks as good as it possibly can. Investing in new plants and in flowers, trees, and landscaping is important as this can lift your home’s frontage and make it look fresh and appealing all year round. When you are landscaping, try and add plants and features that will compliment your home’s aesthetic, as this will always draw everyone’s eyes in.

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