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Bosch Heat Gun: A Must-Have Professionals Tool

by Melanie Peterson

The range of products provided by Bosch is designed to improve the quality of life. The company delivers top-quality products with authenticity. It is the worldwide leading supplier of services and technology. The company’s strategic aim is to create technology that is an invention for life.

Bosch heat gun is one of the handy tools with versatile uses. You can use it for DIY as well as for professional purposes. It is designed so that it lasts longer than its competitors and ensures the safety of the users. In this article, you will get brief information regarding this product. So, without further delay, let’s check out the purpose of using Bosch Heat Gun.

Uses of Bosch Heat Gun

  • Removing paint and wallpapers
  • Welding and shaping using hot air
  • Blending plastic 
  • Softening adhesives
  • Galvanizing 
  • Shrinking film and shrink wrap packing 
  • Soldering 
  • Drying moist wood
  • Heating of frozen pipes  

There is a range of Bosch Heat Guns operating at different temperatures and with different airflow. These include GHG 180, GHG 20-60, and GHG 20-63 heat guns. Let us now get the information about each one of them. 

GHG 180 Heat Gun


Usually, GHG 180 heat gun is used by the workers at the factory, car repairmen, general repairmen, and general users. For example, it can remove dents on cars, shape PVC pipes, and shrink wrapping.

Maximum temperature – 60/350/550⁰ C 

Air flow rate – 350/350/550 liters/min

Weight – 0.75 kg 

Tool Dimensions – 86mm width, 238mm length, 244mm height.

Advantages –

It is a powerful product with an input power of 1800W. It comes with 3 stage temperature selection at 60/350/550 degree Celsius which can be selected as per the needs. This product can be used continuously for 500 hours which makes it durable. Moreover, it is 100% safe to use. 

GHG 20-60 Heat Gun 


GHG 20-60 heat gun is the universal tool used for stripping varnishes and paints, forming and shrinking with hot air. It is also suitable for welding, soldering, and tin plating. 

Maximum Temperature – 50-630⁰ C

Air flow rate – 150-500 liters/min

Weight – 0.55 kg 

Tool Dimensions – 73.9mm width, 339.5mm length, 96.5mm height.

Advantages – 

The rated input power of this product is 2000W. It comes with a setting wheel thatcontinuously controls the variable temperature. It has an option of a removable heat shield that helps users to work in tight spaces. It has two stages of the working temperature setting.   

GHG 20-63 Heat Gun


The GHG 20-63 heat gun is a user-friendly product designed for ease of use. It can be used for heat shrink tubing, drying moist wood, strip paint, bending and welding of plastic, and softening adhesives. 

Maximum Temperature – 50-630⁰ C

Air flow rate – 150-500 liters/min

Weight – 0.65 kg

Tool Dimensions – 86mm width, 245mm length, 201mm height. 


For precise working, it controls temperature and airflow in 10 steps. It automatically switches off heating and cools when overheating takes place. This serves as the tool with long service life. The company, in particular, does not only provide the machine but also offers a wide range of accessories and nozzles. The Heat isolation cap ensures that users cannot touch the heating element hence prevent accidental burnings. The range of temperature it provides makes it easily usable to both light and heavy taskers. Bosch heat gunis a more modern model in terms of features. 

This company is a highly rated brand today and is popular in this category. These heat guns are truly valuable for money. You can never go wrong with Bosch. Bosch heat guns are sturdy, very handy to work with and lightweight at the same time. Hopefully, this article has provided you with an adequate amount of information.

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