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Molle Panels – What Are They & How Do They Work?

by Melanie Peterson

If you want a flexible, convenient way to store accessories in your vehicle, there is perhaps nothing quite as versatile as molle panels. Pronounced as ‘Mollie’ – molle is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and their name very much describes what they offer. 

The best way to describe these panels for anyone new to them are as steel grids that are attached to the inside of your car’s tailgate which allow the user to attach compatible holsters, pouches and various other accessories. Able to be used for a variety of purposes, they offer a wealth of convenient storage capacity – but shouldn’t be confused with the nylon molle that’s used by soldiers on their backpacks! 

Accessories Attached With ‘Snap-Shut’ Straps 

Rather than having items rolling about and getting damaged in the back of your vehicle, molle panels allow you to attach accessories and equipment to them with easy-to-use snap-shut straps. This snap-shut mechanism means that everything you attach is not in any danger of falling off. 

The great thing about molle panels is that once they’re in place, you can store lots of equipment that you use on camping trips, but also for day to day use. Some people choose to store a side arm in a molle-mounted holster while others opt for storing what’s needed to take their dog for a walk or emergency equipment like a fire extinguisher.

The fact is that you can add whatever see fit to yours (within reason, of course) and once you have the attachments exactly where you want them, secure buttons are there to make sure your gear stays put – rather than being thrown around as you drive over potholes and other undulations.

Some More Tips For Using Molle Panels

Some users of these panels find getting the straps fed through a bit tricky with their fingers – which can be made worse depending on how well the panels have been fitted. That said, there is a fairly simple solution to this, as getting the rear straps of your molle pouches pulled through using a small screwdriver is the best option.

Aside from this minor, easily-solved issue, panels of this kind are really sturdy and the strap designs keep everything from rattling around when things get a bit bumpy. What we can tell you is that when you need something in a hurry, you’ll be glad that you know exactly where everything is. For these reasons, they’re a bit of a must-have for anyone who likes to go off the beaten track. 

Versatile, Sturdy and Super-Secure

It’s only when you start using molle panels for yourself that you get to understand what a versatile, robust and secure storage system they represent. Sure, it can take a little time to get your head around how to attach things correctly, but once you get the hang of it, you’re sure to love them – as so many people across the US do.

So, if you’re looking for a great vehicle storage solution for use off-road or even for day to day, you could do a lot worse than use these fantastic modular and surprisingly lightweight load-carrying products.

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