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How to Select a Date for Your Marriage?

by Melanie Peterson

You might find difficulty in choosing one date, that is actually the right one for you and your partner to get married. The main problem that might come to you in choosing the “Shubh Muhurat” among so many options for marriage dates in 2021. Here are some of the tips and tricks that are going to make your job as easy as blending a milkshake. 

1. Understand the probable date line

Before jumping to any particular conclusion, it is best to check on all possible options before that. Like, what are the actual dates that come as an option to you? The dates for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, November or December. Speculate your place in all the possible dates, and then select the proper marriage dates in 2021. 

2. Discuss the seasonal advantages

Well, you’d already know about all the possible factors associated with weddings. This means you already happen to have predestined your marriage dates in 2021. If not, let me tell you. 

Summers are a good time for marriage, with most of the dates in May. But the scorching heat is unbearable, and air-conditioned banquets are the only resolve. This might become an expensive choice, but the winters are cold, which is also a suitable time for destinations and thematic weddings. 

3. Check on the favorable times and year slots

You and your partner should have decided on a particular season during the courtship. That is just the right time for you both to run into a union. The actual “Shubh Muhurat” for marriage dates in 2021 are surrounded by you two. So, select it according to your preference and desire. 

4. Check on Vendors Availability

Your wedding vendors need to be available on your wedding date. I’m not telling you to decide a date that favours the vendors but the one you know they are available on. This applies to your desire to hire any particular individual. 

Like, if you have the aim to hire any particular makeup artist or photographer. Then, discuss their schedule and dates beforehand. Otherwise, the remaining vendors can be managed accordingly. 

5. See if there are enough venues left

If you are planning to select a day in march for marriage dates in 2021, then I’m so sorry to let you know about the possibility of no available date at all. There is a chance that all the nearby banquet halls are already booked by someone else. So, choose a date in the latter half of the year, when you do have the possibility of other bookings.

6. Discuss it out with either of the families

Instead of making any decision on your own, let the families get into the discussion. An open conversation would let you understand their stand on the matter. If they have any favourable opinion towards the topic, or if they have to select any other marriage dates in 2021. This is done for open finalization. Suppose you have left out any particular family tradition or point. This is the right time for you to get that checked on. 

7. Finalize according to your work schedule

The final marriage dates in 2021 happen to be available on several websites or even the Hindu marriage calendar in India. But, the ultimate decision is yours only if you get to choose a perfect day with your partner by following your work schedule and the right financial timing. 

The marriage date in 2021 is fully-packed as many couples failed to tie their nuptial knots last year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This year is a lasting hope for many couples, and hopefully, you would now successfully get to say yes to your auspicious wedding, “Shubh Muhurat”. 

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