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What is Pinky Promise or Pinky Swear? Meaning, Origin

by Melanie Peterson
Almost each one of us is mindful about the two words that is Pinky promise from our very childhood. Even many of us must have made such pinky swear during childhood but have you ever been curious to know the pinky promise meaning in actual. It is quite interesting to note that many people make pinky promise but they have no idea about its origin and meaning. Here we will try to know the meaning, origin and rules of pinky swear in detail so that you can get a complete idea about the term pinky promise.
What does term Pinky Promise means

What does term Pinky Promise means?

The last finger of our hand that is the smallest one is known as pinky finger and children often make promises to each other by crossing this finger. When a promise is made by two people by crossing pinky finger of their hands it is termed as pinky promise or pinky swear as well. School goers are very fond of this type of promise and they often make pinky promise on small and big things.

How Pinky Promise came into existence for first time

The pinky promise is considered to be flourished from the Archipelago country of Japan. It is believed that when it comes to make promises of extreme importance which must not be broken pinky swear used to be done by the people. This promise was the symbol of trust and believes that person is not going to break his promise when he crosses his pinky finger with the other person. Later on the idea gets popularised in different parts of the world from Japan.

Popularity of Pinky Promise across different countries

The meaning of pinky promise get divergence in different countries of the world and sooner or later people starts making promises with this fancy name.  Nowadays people from developed countries like America and England are also making this promise. Children are very much fond of making pinky promise whenever it comes to make an importance swear to their friends or peers. So we can say that, today the roots of this promise named as pinky promise are very vast.

When two people make pinky promise and how

A pinky promise is made between two people when swear is of utmost importance and cannot be broken at any cost. There are usual promises as well, but when someone says it is a pinky promise that means the promise is more serious and must be completed. The promise can be made by entangling two pinky fingers of the people with each other and wowing something in the form of promise. If you are unaware of pinky finger meaning it is the last finger of hand which is used to make the promise. Nowadays it is prevalent mostly amongst the kids but earlier it used to be for elders as well. Even in modern time elder people do take pinky swear but more or less it is an affair of little ones.

Rules for making a pinky promise

Children making pinky promise are very much serious about its rules and one can learn what is pinky promise in actual from kids very well. The first rule to make this promise is that person who is making a pinky promise should be mindful of the fact that it is very significant promise. It is almost impossible to back out from the pitch when the promise is made by someone. The two people who are making the pinky promise have to cross their little finger with each other while taking the vow. The another rule that is important for making a pinky promise is that it is mostly made between two friends, though it is not a compulsion always. The promise made in this way is known as pinky promise and once made cannot be broken by any of the two person involved in it.
Rules for making a pinky promise

Can we break a pinky swear?

Like mentioned several times earlier as well, the pinky swear meaning you cannot take your steps back from the promise once it is done. Earlier from the time of its origin people used to have a punishment for breaking the pinky promise. In that punishment the person who breaks the promise have to chop down his or her little finger. But nowadays this practise is not prevalent as such still it shows the depth of the promise that it cannot be broken at any cost. If it is a pinky promise you ought to complete it, otherwise you will be considered as a big cheater by the second person. Mostly people do not break a pinky promise and kids are very much obsessed for making this kind of promises these days. As far as modern time is considered there is not any tough punishment for breaking the pinky promise except that your friend will lose your trust

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