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6 Best Sites That Allows you Video Calling with Anonymous People

by Melanie Peterson

Gone are the days when people were fond of video calling with their near and dear in order to keep in touch. Now face to facing chatting with anonymous people is taking new sheen where people from different boundaries can share their problems, interests etc. without revealing their identity. There are numerous websites which makes this task easier for the people by arranging random guys for video chatting and hide their identity as well.


The online video calling with strangers is becoming like a fashion in past couple of years. Such calls help people to lessen their stress level by chatting with people who have no idea about each other’s background. More you can find such platforms suitable for improving communication skills as you don’t have the fear of mistake while talking to unknown faces.  A list of sites is enumerated here that are useful for making video calls to strangers.


1. Connect to Strangers with Tiny Chat

If you have a flash player on your personal computer then you are all set to go for a video call on Tiny Chat with unknown people. You can connect to number of people without paying any cost and can share your views, ideas and thoughts with them. People from across the globe are using this site and that is why you can find friends from different parts of the world with the help of Tiny Chat. More if you wish to disconnect the chat for certain reasons it is also possible within fraction of seconds. So make online video call with strangers by using Tiny Chat without any hiccup.

Visit: https://tinychat.com


2. Camsurf for connecting to unknown people online

The stranger video calling is possible easily nowadays with the help of Camsurf where people can enhance their communication skills, build confidence easily. You don’t have to worry about the history of your calls on this site as it does not share any personal detail of the user to anyone.

Visit: https://camsurf.com


3. Chat Roulette site for chatting with unknown people

If you are not an adult and want to plunge into the circle of online video calling with unacquainted people then Chat Roulette can meet your needs easily. This site does not have any criteria which bar users from using it based on their age. More you will be connected to the people who have common interests like you to make the chatting extra engaging. Video chatting with strangers were never such enthusiastic like we find with Chat Roulette.

Visit: https://chatroulette.com


4. Video calling with Anonymous people with Omegle

Omegle helps like- minded strangers to connect with each other on live video chatting without putting a restriction of the age of user. Even if you are a ten year old then also it is possible to make live video chat with strangers. Once you make a call on Omegle with strangers the site automatically directs you with people having same interests like you just like dating sites.

Visit: https://www.omegle.com


5. Lollichat for every age group to make call with Strangers

If you are very conscious about not revealing your identity in online video calling with stranger then probably Lollichat is the best site you have for this need. In video chat with strangers this site ensures the maximum security as not calling history is maintained by Lollichat regarding previous chats.

Visit: https://www.lollichat.com

6. Arousr

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6. Use Multitasking site Rounds for chatting to unknown faces

If you are fond of playing games, listening music and chatting with anonymous people then Rounds is a one step destination for you. Here you can carry out all three tasks on one single website and that is too without paying anything. So make video call with strangers and Listen music on Rounds to spend your leisure time.

Benefits of using online video calling sites to connect with unknowns

Here are few benefits that are associated with using the online video chatting sites with stranger people. You will also be inclined towards using these apps if you will come across these benefits in your life. One of the most significant features of these apps is that they do not ask for any sort of money from the users in return of making these calls to the people.

1. Enhance communication Skills of users making calls

When you chat with unknown people on aforesaid calling sites it becomes easier for you to speak fearless. This is because you do not have any fear of getting insulted as who cares of people who are not part of your regular life. Thus we can say that it is beneficial to video call to strangers if you are eager to increase your communication skills.

2. Build confidence while talking to people online

There are people who are not very extrovert and thus fail to communicate in social gatherings and such places. Such sites which allow you to chat with unknown people build your confidence for taking part every conversation in the society and transform you from introvert to extrovert personality. This is another benefit of making stranger video call.

3. Knowledge of different cultures

Apart from building good confidence and enhancing your communication skills on sites that offers free chatting with unknown people you can share your cultures with people as well. When people from different territories connect to each other on these sites and can share their cultures with each other. That is why online video chatting with strangers app are becoming very popular amongst the people in modern era.

So, if you are also interested in such video calls and want to boost your confidence then above sites can really be helpful for you. These sites do not ask for any money from the users and also never share the personal details like to whom you are making the call and for which duration. Also no restriction is put on the timing of call and you can disconnect the call anytime while talking to a person if you do not find it interesting or engaging.

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