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Unique & Special Ways to Propose Your Crush During Lockdown

by Melanie Peterson

 This year has been a true spoiler for many of us and everyone is disappointed with it. The past few months have brought more difficulties for most of us. There would be many people who would have planned romantic proposals for the love of their life but they are quite ruined due to the pandemic. But this lockdown doesn’t stop you from proposing your crush even though you are stuck inside all the time. There are so many ways you can propose your crush even during the lockdown, to let your love, your crush know how much you adore them, and want them in your life. So if you are someone who is looking unique and special ways to propose your crush during lockdown then you are at the right place because we are here popping some of the best ways.

1. Send Personalized Wine with “Will you Marry me?” Message

Due to lock down all of us a little extra bored and everyone’s consumption of wine and drinks has increased. If your crush is fond of wine then this is one of the great ways to ask them for marriage. Wines are available in so many varieties nowadays and they can also be engraved and personalized with a personal message like Will you marry me? So ask them the same through personalized wine delivery. Order wine online from our online gift store and treat your friends and relatives with the best wine gifts for various special occasions and festivals.

2. Arrange Netflix Series or Online Movie Date

If you are missing on old school movie dates, you can try out different apps that allow you and your partner same screen while watching the movie and there is also a chat window below so that you guys can talk in between, so here you can propose your partner for marriage while watching the movie. Similarly, watch a Netflix series online together and surprise them with the marriage proposal at the end. Find ideas about how to propose your girlfriend during the lockdown on our online gift site and let your crush know how you feel about them through these magical proposals.

3. Surprise with a gift at the Doorstep- Send Gifts Online

There are so many online platforms that offer doorstep delivery services. They offer a wide range of romantic gifts and goodies to treat the love of your life. So deliver some beautiful flowers, cake, and some unique gift with the heartiest message saying “Will you marry me?” We know this idea is not quite unique but your crush would surely be delighted through this sweet gesture at such difficult times.

4. Video Call Proposal

It is hard to visit your crush or love in person in this lockdown. You can simply gather all your friends and family over a video call and also connect the call to the love of your life. You can also make a PowerPoint presentation to propose your crush or just get down on your knees on the video call and ask them to marry you also confess your heartiest feelings to them. Though this idea is quite common it would make your love life even better.

5. Write Love Letter

The best love is the old school love, so in this generation of emails and texts confess your love to your partner by writing them a love letter. You can confess your heartiest feelings to your crush writing it on the letter. Tell them what they mean to you and propose a crush in the letter. This kind of sweet gesture in this generation is very special and also touching. Get some amazing proposal ideas during lockdown from our online gift site and treat the love of your life with the most beautiful proposal ever.

6. Prepare for a Treasure Hunt Wedding Proposal

This is one of the most special ways to pop the big question to your love with the help of your friends and loved ones. In today’s era, social media is really a boon for couples. If your partner stays active on social media, you can grab this chance to prepare a treasure hunt wedding proposal for your love. You can simply ask all your friends to put pictures or videos with some hints that lead towards the ultimate question so that you get yes as an answer.

7. Plan a Terrace Date

If you are someone who is together with the love of your life this lockdown, you do not have to regret at all because even at home you can make the most of your tome together. If you want to propose your crush this lockdown, plan a beautiful terrace date, here you’re decorating as well as your cooking skills will also be checked. A romantic proposal under the twinkling stars is just perfect to ask them out for marriage. You can make online romantic gift delivery Spain to your beloved living miles away from you to convey your love and affection.

We hope these unique and special ways help you propose your crush during this pandemic or lockdown.

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