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Popular Tropical Fish Types You Can Find at Aquariums

by Melanie Peterson

Aquarium hobbyists might know about various fish types in Aquariums. However, keeping the right species in the tunnel will help you add more colors to this decoration piece. There are plenty of tropical Aquarium species you should know about and add to your Aquarium. The visual aesthetic of your tank can only be increased if you add more tropical fish species to it. This post will reveal popular tropical fish types you can find at Aquariums, and you should consider adding them to yours. Keep walking with us to know more!

Popular Tropical Fish Types You Can Find at Aquariums

Popular tropical fish types:

Tropical fish species can either live together or with the same species. When put in Aquarium, they can increase the visual interest of the tank, adding more vibrant colors to the collection. Some of these species might be expensive, and only large Aquariums can afford them. We have compiled a list of popular tropical fish species that you can spot in different Aquariums. Let us roll through the list.

1. Dwarf Gouramis:

Dwarf Gouramis are shy and will try to hide if you keep staring at them. They are about 3-4 inches long with excellent colors on their body. A minimum of 10 gallons of water is required for their perfect survival, and if you aim to keep them at your house, your Aquarium should match their standard. They normally eat flaked food and live food like brine shrimp and bloodworms.

The fluorescent blue coloration of Dwarf Gouramis makes them an excellent choice for an Aquarium tank. Male species often flush a deeper purple and flare their fins while courting females. Moreover, they can breathe through their gills and by gulping air through the body surface.

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2. Swordtails:

Swordtails are named after their long-tailed body structure, and they are known for their sword-shaped tail. They are often 5-6 inches long with an easy attribute to care for. Like the previous species, they also eat flaked food, tubifex worm, and brine shrimp. If you walk into any Aquarium, you will surely spot this species at your first glance.

Swordtails are popular due to their unique body shape and color variations. They come in gorgeous black, yellow and red colors, which attract eyes from quite some distance. Male species have a long tip on their tail, which resembles a sword. Do you want to witness these species wandering around with their family? Consider booking your Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo tickets today and pay a visit with your kids!

3. Leopard Cory Catfish:

A leopard Cory catfish is 2-3 inches long, requiring a minimum of 10 gallons of water to survive. They often eat sinking pellets and frozen bloodworms, and you need to provide them with this food. Leopard Cory catfish are famous for their alluring, leopard-like look, as well as the way that they assist with keeping the lower part of the Aquarium clean.

They are bottom dwellers, so they gobble the food that winds up on the lower part of the tank. However, you need to give fitting food choices to them. Try not to depend on uneaten food to accommodate their nourishing necessities.

4. Mollies:

Another tropical fish species you can add to your Aquarium tanks are Mollies. They often come as 2 inches long, with some species growing larger than that. They can survive in 20 gallons of water, making them easier to take care of. The well-known molly comes in various colors. They can be tracked down in various varieties, like blacks, Dalmatians, and gold.

Other accessible and one-of-a-kind qualities incorporate sail-blades, lyre-tails, and inflatable formed bodies. With countless such sorts of browsing, you can surely set up an outwardly staggering Aquarium tank.

5. Rainbow shark:

The rainbow shark is not a shark at all, and you should not confuse the term. They are often 6 inches-long tropical fish species that survive in almost 29 gallons of water. The wonderful rainbow shark regularly comes in shades of dim to dark and has red balances. However, there is also a striking pale-skinned assortment with a pinkish-pearl body and red fins.

These fish are false sharks, yet they are valued for the show they add to your tank. They are often housed with other semi-aggressive species like barbs and tetras. The best you can do is to place one shark per Aquarium. Don’t you have one and want to visit it? Consider booking your Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo tickets today and visit the place with your kids!

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