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Taking Care of Your Wetsuit

by Melanie Peterson

Just bought your dream wetsuit and can’t wait to take on the waves in style? Before wearing your brand new wetsuit into the salty, harsh ocean waters, it’s important to take the right precautions to ensure your wetsuit is well cared for. Nothing worse than having your wetsuit fall apart on your first visit to the ocean.

Below we’ve compiled a few simple steps to help you keep your wetsuit in impeccable condition for the longest time possible – no matter how many times you wear it out!

Be mindful of your environment

As much as it feels like it, your wetsuit is not bulletproof. Despite many wetsuits being made to withstand harsh weather conditions, most – especially those that are of the smoothskin type – are unable to survive the jarring poke of sharp objects.

Be mindful when surfing or waterboarding in areas with rough reefs, rocks or even gravelly car parks as your wetsuit may be easily punctured, even before you make it into the water! It is difficult and expensive to mend your wetsuit when it has been ripped – hence more efficient to avoid sharp objects and harsh environments all together!

Rinse your wetsuit straight after your surf

While you’re still high off the adrenaline and frothing with the sea waters, make the effort to rinse your wetsuit with fresh water straight after your surf. Fresh water is easy to find at well-populated beaches (from bubblers and taps) so don’t be lazy and do yourself the favour of cleaning off your wetsuit.

Not only does washing your wetsuit clear it of damaging salt, it also washes away any small sharp objects that may have gotten stuck in your wetsuit. Simply rinse the outer of your wetsuit, flip it, and rinse the inside thoroughly as well!

Dry your wetsuit in the shade

Despite most clothing items being best dried naturally with sunlight, wetsuits are the exception. After rinsing your wetsuit with fresh water, make sure to dry it in the shade and not in direct sunlight.

Sunlight can be damaging to the neoprene material of wetsuits and wetsuits that remain wet for too long may also stretch out around the neck and shoulders (due to the heavy weight of the water). When drying your wetsuit, also make sure to turn it inside out and dry the inside portion of your wetsuit as well – to further protect the lining and get rid of any fishy smells.

Wash your wetsuit with shampoo occasionally

Rinsing your wetsuit with water straight after your surf is not enough to keep it in prime condition for a long period of time. To extend the longevity of your wetsuit, simply wash it thoroughly with a wetsuit shampoo from time to time. This will help rid your wetsuit of stubborn salt water as well as any liquid solutions (especially if you pee in your wetsuit) you don’t want in it.

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