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What Cleaning Techniques Are Best For Disinfecting Covid-19?

by Melanie Peterson
In normal circumstances cleaning is important but when there is the presence of a dangerous virus like the COVID-19; the Cleaning services OKC must use various techniques and methods that they have to use to make sure that spread of the virus is least curtailed. All of the people in the community have to work together to make the environment safe for everyone.

Best Disinfecting Techniques for COVID-19

There are several ways and techniques through which you can disinfect various surfaces and items. The best way to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic is to clean whatever thigs are in use. There are certain tips and suggestions that the commercial cleaners must follow if they want to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning services OKC discussing with Clients

The most initial point that cleaning businesses must have meetings with their clients on multiple occasions; to discuss the strategies of cleaning. The most important points that have to be debated are the timing, date, services, quality of products and the price that is set for everything. Every now and then the meetings have to be conducted

Increase the Duration of Cleaning

During the Coronavirus pandemic the doctors and scientists have advised cleaning everything more than usual. If on a normal basis the commercial buildings are cleaned twice a week then the cleaning must be done on alternate days. A thorough disinfect process must be done weekly. At least clean the small things daily for maximum protection.

Limit the contact between People

Another effective way to reduce the rapid spread of the COVID-19 is to limit contact between people. The scientists have suggested social distancing is alternate to stop the spread of the virus. If meeting people is necessary then you must keep a safe distance of 1 meter or 3 feet; to be on the safer side.

Focal Point on the potential germ spots

Normally people are not careful when they are touching things in their offices. They get flu and other illness and are cured after a couple of days. But during COVID-19 it becomes inevitable to clean and disinfect the areas and surfaces that are touched more often. These are the phones, door handles, knobs, all electrical appliances and various buttons.

The safety of the Cleaning Employees

The safety of days cleaning employees is also an important point that has to be a part of the disinfect techniques. The reason for it is that if the staff gets infected then he/ she may be the cause of the spread of the virus to others. So protective gear should be provided to them and also tests must be conducted every 10 days to monitor their health.

Wipe the items in one-way

There is a specific technique to wipe clean different appliances and surfaces that are used by various cleaning businesses like Jan Pro OKC. The best way to wipe the items is to move the cloth in one direction. This means if you have started going form up to down then maintain this motion till the end.

Divide the cleaning paces and items into color codes

Use separate towels and clothes for disinfecting various rooms. Then you can also select colors for the items and areas that are from the most touched to the least ones. Red color for the most touched, yellow for medium and blue hue should be for the least touched things. Different baskets can be designated for each room and the color coded items as well.

The cell phone is also important to disinfect

According to research the mobile phone is used and touched more than 2,000 times during the whole day. Also it can be used by others and is a major cause of the transfer of germs and especially Coronavirus. The mobile phone has to be cleaned and afterwards disinfect it with a solution containing alcohol twice a day.

Handwashing technique should be perfect

Not many people are aware of the proper method of washing their hands. It is not only important to wash your hands with water and soap; but also the technique is crucial. You have to make sure that all areas of the hand; front, back and between the fingers must be cleaned thoroughly.

Use the disinfect products according to the instructions

There are several products that are available in the market that can be used to disinfect. But the CDC organization has suggested a few products that they have recommended which are really effective in the reduction of the Coronavirus. These products are different for domestic and commercial use. Be very careful when using it because there are few dangers involving.

Wear safety gear when using disinfects

The Cleaning services OKC have to provide their employees with all kind of protective gear to save them from having the COVID-19. These are just a few precautions and techniques that can be used to disinfect during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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