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6 Tips to Make Your Laundry Day Easier

by Melanie Peterson

Let’s be honest here: not many people like laundry day. Spending countless hours washing dirty clothes instead of focusing on things that matter the most makes little sense. But, you can’t make laundry day go away. It is a vital part of your lifestyle, enabling you to keep your clothes looking clean and smelling fresh. That said, you can make it a little less painful than it is now. Laundry experts at MyCleaners, a renowned and reliable laundry and dry cleaning company operating in India, Srilanka, and Nepal, advise on making it less of a burden.

Here are a few expert tips and tricks to make your laundry day easier and less painful:

If you find laundry boring, either do it frequently or less often

Many people believe that doing little loads of laundry every day is easier than doing a ton of laundry in a single sitting. For example, if you have a family of five, you may find doing one load a day much easier and less overwhelming. However, others believe that dedicating a single day to just one task — laundry — makes them more productive and less frustrating because they know that it’s their only task for the day and they don’t have to do it every other day. So, if laundry is taking a toll on your lifestyle, try switching to the laundry routine that you aren’t following right now. This little shift can make a world of difference. 

Don’t consider it “laundry day” at all

Gone are the days when laundry day meant sticking to just washing clothes. Today, you can enjoy or do things you like, such as watching TV or listening to podcasts, audiobooks, music, and others, while washing, drying, and ironing your clothes. Thanks to the modern-day automatic washing machines and availability of entertainment at the fingertips. You would be surprised to know how much easier laundry can get with this strategy. And if this doesn’t work well, you always have the option of scheduling a laundry pickup with MyCleaners that gets your laundry done so that you don’t budge an inch. 

Schedule laundry by type

People who do laundry every day may find this tactic extremely helpful. Scheduling your laundry by type throughout the week allows you to break laundry into smaller tasks and get it completely done by the weekend. For instance, you may want to wash bed sheets on Monday to get your week on the right foot, towels the next day, dark clothes on Thursday, and so on. This way, not only do you have clean and fresh laundry, but you also become more efficient since you spend less time sorting laundry. 

Hire laundry and dry cleaning services

It’s no secret that calling laundry and dry cleaning services is an excellent decision for people who lead a busy lifestyle. But, even if your daily life doesn’t require you to attend calls or hold meetings, you can take advantage of these services and use your time wisely on things that make you happy or add meaning to your life. For example, instead of spending three or four hours washing and ironing your clothes, hire laundry experts, preferably at MyCleaners because of their world-class services, and use your free time to learn something new — a foreign language, coding, sports, etc. What’re more, companies, such as MyCleaners, don’t even charge much for laundry. 

Keep a priority laundry bag

There comes a day in almost everyone’s life when they fail to keep up with a clean and neatly-ironed outfit. Coming into the office with a food stain on your shirt is most likely to leave you embarrassed than motivated. To avoid such days, MyCleaners experts suggest having a “Please, wash me first” basket in which you put the most pressing laundry items first and wash them as soon as possible. However, make sure to maintain the sanctity of the basket — only items that belong there should have a place in it. 

Fold fast or don’t fold at all

For many people, folding clothes right out of the dryer or when the sun has finished its job helps them be more efficient and save their laundry from turning wrinkly. While for others, folding consumes a lot of time and is tedious. They prefer rolling laundry to fold, as it is easier, time-saving, and takes less space in the wardrobe. For example, instead of ironing and neatly-folding your shirts, you can simply roll and put them in the drawer and iron them right before you want to wear one. However, if you want to fill your wardrobe with neatly-folded clothes, you better take the long road or call laundry experts at MyCleaners, who not only wash your clothes as per your preferences but also iron and fold them the way you want.    

Want to get your laundry done without budging an inch? Just lift your finger and schedule a laundry pickup with MyCleaners, and let it take care of the rest. 

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