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Why Furniture Rental is Better than Buying Fast Furniture?

by Melanie Peterson
If you are wondering what actually fast furniture is after reading that title, don’t worry, let me break it down for you and how you can get out of this fast furniture buying cycle and opt for better options like furniture rental which in short would help in various ways.

Well if you have ever heard of the terms like fast food or fast fashion, then you can probably make a guess on what exactly fast furniture is, fast furniture is produced in large quantities with little attention to quality because the quantity is more essential in order to get going in numbers.

In the good old days, furniture used to be made out of good quality material and not just produced out of flimsy and cheap material to be fine for a few months or a year and then break off later, like it is today.

Rent furniture

So what’s the whole situation with fast furniture and why we should totally avoid it?

• It’s produced beyond the necessary requirements; fast furniture was recorded to be made at such a high level that it takes up a ton of energy in order to produce all the units, especially the resin and particle board required for most of the furniture is made at an extremely high rate and energy cost.

•Fast furniture is made keeping the timeframe in mind, it uses some of the cheapest materials available in the market and that’s why it can never withstand extreme wear and tear and won’t age well at all. It can easily fall apart during moving or disassembly/reassembly, which means to be always on the line with the store where you bought the furniture from for a refund or exchange, over time which can turn out to be a pretty costly deal.

•The biggest problem with fast furniture is the environmental damage it adds up with all the toxins in the materials. Most of the products used to make fast furniture often contain harsh chemicals that are so toxic that can possibly have a severe side effect on the consumer’s life.

So here’s how you can rent furniture and save up all that hassle all-together:

Fits in the budget

Renting works because there is no huge amount of down payment to get the desired furniture. If you are struggling with money and can’t afford to buy the furniture then you can simply rent furniture as your option. Whether you want to rent a bed or get a sofa on rent, it works in a way that you get to pay small monthly payments according to the tenure chosen, the higher the tenure the lower will be the monthly cost, so really helps in saving a lot on your overall budget.

Easy to relocate

All the big items like beds and tables, wardrobes, etc. take up a lot of energy to be shifted from one place to another. In most cases packers and movers are hired but it comes along with a huge cost as well and some even add up charges on the go, but when you rent furniture, all this hassle is taken care of by the company that is providing you the service and once the tenure period has ended, the company executives will reach out to you to raise a pick-up and then get all the items right from your doorstep.

Switch up the decor

Since we discussed fast furniture, here’s why renting is a better option because furniture these days is made to last for a shorter period of time so the sales can stay intact and the user would have to buy new furniture after some time regardless. But, when you rent out your furniture, you have the liberty to exchange your items for other ones or whatever new offerings your service provider has to offer. Even if you live in your own home, you can always rent out new products like maybe rent a bed or get a sofa on rent every now and then to decide what looks good according to your own décor settings.  This way one can always stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Now one must be wondering, where can you actually rent from, who all are the service providers that can give value for money? Well no need to fret about all that, because we have curated a list of some of the service providers that you can find in your city and do read on till the very end to find out who amongst out of all we prefer the most considering the services, quality of the product and the value overall!

Rentickle –

Rentickle is a renowned online furniture rental portal which provides furniture, appliances, and other home furnishing essentials on rent. They have a variety of categories in their list ranging from furniture and appliances to kids furniture and fitness equipment as well. It has also started offering a premium range of cars and bikes on the site.

Furlenco –

Furlenco is an online rental platform that was incorporated in 2012. Furlenco offers furniture for entire homes on a monthly rental subscription model. Furlenco’s range of products includes solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

RentoMojo –

RentoMojo is a subscription model of lifestyle products on monthly rentals. RentoMojo was developed to provide an alternative to buying and selling furniture in rental properties.

Cityfurnish –

Cityfurnish provides furniture and home appliances on easy monthly rental subscription. The categories on their site include packages, office furniture, home furniture, electronics, and fitness.

So whether you want to rent a bed or sofa on rent, our personal preference would be Rentickle, the fact the prices provided them for furniture rental are by far the lowest which is highly beneficial. Also going by the collection they tend to have a wide variety of categories in their listings.
With Rentickle, the user experience gets better as they provide additional benefits like Free Delivery, Free Maintenance, Easy Returns, and Free Relocation.

Rentickle also seems to provide a pick-up and drop facility at a minimal cost in their cars and bikes category which is such a hassle-free addition to the benefits.

Overall if we consider the renting industry, it is always better to opt for a service from a reputed provider than to go ahead and invest in fast furniture which would be troublesome in the long run. Furniture rental is your best bet when it comes to affordable quality lifestyle!

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