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Top Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps To Look For In 2020

by Melanie Peterson
Whether you are buying Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, you will always require a cryptocurrency wallet to store these digital assets. Nowadays, anyone can have a cryptocurrency wallet based on the type of wallet he or she is looking for, be it an android wallet, IOS wallet or a PC wallet. All of them come in various shapes and sizes. People who want to store and trade cryptocurrencies always want to know about the best crypto wallet apps apps such as thebitcoinsera.com. In this article, I will tell you top cryptocurrency wallet apps to look for in 2020.

Top Cryptocurrency Wallet Apps To Look For This Year

1. CoinBase Wallet
CoinBase is the first one you should definitely look for in 2020. The interface system of this wallet is very user friendly, particularly for the newcomers in the crypto world. This wallet allows you to make use of more than one signature. CoinBase wallet offers the best security with its two-factor authentication method.

2. Exodus Wallet
It is also a good cryptocurrency wallet app next to CoinBase Wallet. Exodus wallet can be referred to as mobile, desktop and hardware wallets for its users. It leverages the power of multiple exchange platforms and acknowledges users with the latest crypto prices. Exodus wallet allows you to purchase cryptos with direct fiat deposits without having a bank account.

3. Amon Wallet
A large number of people are indirectly or directly linked with this crypto wallet. Amon wallet can be used to hold multiple digital currencies, and its artificial intelligence provides the best security features for day to day purchases.

4. Copay Wallet
Bitpay, a leading cryptocurrency firm, has designed this wallet. It enables several startups to support and use Bitcoin for payments. Copay is recognized as the most preferred wallet for Bitcoins all around the world. This is because it stores keys in local space rather than in the cloud space.

5. BRD Wallet
BRD wallet is a crypto wallet which has its main impact on reward program and user loyalty. With the help of BRD wallet, you can simply trade with BTC, ETH, BCH, ERC20 tokens etc. Because this crypto wallet has its links with the Bitcoin network, tight security is sure for these cryptos.

6. JAXX Liberty Wallet
The wallet provides its users with great capabilities. It is a very secure multi-crypto platform. JAXX Liberty wallet supports all the digital currencies that have been in use since 2014. At present, this wallet can back more than 80 cryptocurrencies. It also provides insights about the cryptocurrencies together with transaction details like transaction time, transaction history and much more.

7. KeepKey Wallet
Keepkey wallet utilizes the cold storage feature to store and keep your digital currencies secure from any technical problems. Within the wallet, a string code of 12 digits is generated. This code can help you in case you have lost your wallet. KeepKey wallet provides the best protection from both physical and virtual attacks. The MultiBit and Electrum software of KeepKey wallet allows you to perform any type of transaction with ease.

8. Trezor Wallet
Trezor wallet works excellently in the category of hardware wallets. It is also considered the best ethereum wallets. The wallet allows you to store cryptocurrencies such as Stellar in a single platform. Its three layers guide the outer screen of this hardware wallet, and due to this, it is highly-priced. You can easily use a USB cable to connect your Trezor wallet with the computer.

9. FreeWallet 
FreeWallet is a unique cryptocurrency wallet because it has a built-in system for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It allows you to trade and acquire several major cryptocurrencies with their live price details. FreeWallet allows signatures of several kinds, and it is also a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet, which provides a tree-like structure for private and public keys.

10. Ledger Nano A Wallet
Ledger Nano A wallet provides top-class features at the minimum price. The wallet can be carried out at any location without difficulty. All its basic features are free from technical hassles. It comes in the size of the USB device, which can be easily folded. This feature makes Ledger Nano A wallet one of the best portable wallet. In addition to this, its OLED screen prevents your private keys from being revealed, and the pin code verification feature helps in a situation if you have lost the wallet.

Final Thoughts 

In this article, we have seen the top cryptocurrency wallet apps for this year. Each of them provides several unique and innovative security features. Some of them come in the category of hardware wallets while others come in PC, Android, IOS and hardware categories. Security is an essential aspect to be considered while selecting your favourite cryptocurrency wallet app. Also, many online platforms allow you to compare crypto wallets instantly. You always have to deal with cryptocurrency wallet apps while buying and selling your cryptos, so this list can aid you for choosing your best suitable wallet. 

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