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Why AngularJS Web App Development is So Popular Among Developers and Enterprises?

by Melanie Peterson

AngularJS is the most popular and useful framework in the field of web applications. A number of developers prefer using AngularJS due to the number of benefits and features offered by this app development technology. Today, AngularJS development services are widely in demand by a number of companies. It would be correct to say that AngularJS has become the preeminent front-end technology for web app development.

What do you understand by AngularJS?

First and foremost, AngularJS is developed by Google. It is a front-end and open-source web application development framework. It is widely used by developers for the purpose of developing single page applications. This framework is completely based on the most popular and widely used programming language-JavaScript. This is the reason that the Angular framework includes JS and is termed as AngularJS or Angular.js. 

As mentioned above, the AngularJS framework is developed by Google; it is also maintained by Google and a huge community of experts, developers, testers, and enterprises. This community support assists developers as well as organizations to get immediate consultation or advice to ease and enhance the development of single-page web applications. 

The applications developed using AngularJS are usually browser-based applications. These applications comprise dynamic web pages that offer a smooth user experience. In order to generate the best possible user experience, these dynamic web applications utilize extended HTML and JavaScript. 

Reasons to Use AngularJS for Web Application Development

Some of the key reasons to utilize the AngularJS framework for web application development include:

Easy to Learn: As mentioned above, the AngularJS framework is solely based on the JavaScript programming language. It is important to note that JavaScript is quite an easy to learn language in comparison to other programming languages. Once the developers gain the knowledge of JavaScript, they can easily learn and use any other language supported by JavaScript. The AngularJS framework is a combination of JavaScript and HTML. Since JavaScript is easy to learn and HTML is being used by the developers for years, AngularJS becomes much easier to learn, understand and use by the developers. 

To Extend the Existing HTML Attributes: AngularJS is an ideal solution to extend the existing HTML attributes by means of directives. The directives allow developers to create or write their own code using HTML. 

For HTML Data Binding Process: In today’s technologically advanced world, where almost everyone is using smartphones it is easy to understand the importance of auto-syncing the data. In the case of AngularJS, the framework facilitates the same kind of automatic sync of data between the model and view components. The AngularJS assure fast and easy two-way data binding, which is perhaps the key reason why developers like this framework more as compared to other available frameworks. 

● Require Less Coding: With the AngularJS framework, the developers need not to write their own MVC (Model View Controller) pipelines or getters/setters. They do not require binding the data manually, or defining the view in HTML, etc. This makes AngularJS an ideal option for web app development. With less coding requirements, the developers can focus more on making an app more functional and feature-rich. 

● Offers Utmost Security: In the process of developing a web application by utilizing the AngularJS framework, the developers take all the requisite steps to make an app highly secure. The development process itself involves a number of steps that ensure the security and authenticity of an application. This is the most important reason that a number of enterprises prefer hiring the services of an AngularJS development company that can assure complete security while executing the web app development process. 

● To Present App’s Declarative User Interface (UI): In order to present or define an app’s user interface, the AngularJS framework makes use of HTML in place of JavaScript programming language. This helps in making an app’s UI more declarative, intuitive, and less complicated. Therefore, companies that are looking for an ideal option to enhance end-user experience via highly declarative UI, must utilize the AngularJS framework for their web development process. 

● For Incorporating Third Party Features: The AngularJS framework can be integrated seamlessly with various third-party frameworks. The integration further facilitates the development of feature-rich web applications. 

● For the Purpose of Unit Testing: It is important to note that the JavaScript programming language is not a compiled language, instead, it is an interpreted and dynamic programming language. Since AngularJS is based on JavaScript, the framework has to follow a number of tests. Therefore, it becomes much simpler for the developers to test the web applications that are developed using AngularJS.

● Huge Community Support: Another main reason to utilize the AngularJS framework is the support that it gets from a large community throughout the world. Developed and maintained by Google, a large number of developers, testers, and other experts contribute to the development and maintenance of the AngularJS framework and allow other developers to carry out the development process easily and effectively by clearing all their doubts. The developers can easily explore, learn, and understand the development process through this community and bring advancements to the app development using the AngularJS framework.

● Cost-Effective: AngularJS is an open-source framework, thus absolutely free to use. Enterprises that are utilizing AngularJS for web development need to incur only the development, testing, and maintenance costs associated with the app development process. 


All the above-mentioned reasons make AngularJS the most acceptable and widely used web app development framework. If you are considering AngularJS for your web development project, make certain to select a professional AngularJS development company that can provide a customized solution to meet the specific requirements of your business. 

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