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How Can Parents Track Their Kid’s Mobile Without Them Knowing?

by Melanie Peterson

The internet is a wild west that can pose online threats to your teens at any point in time. However, cell phone tracker apps can keep tabs on your teens for sure.  Parents are desperate to know about the ways to know where teens at the moment are. Young teens are more likely to stay sneaky in front of the parents. Moreover, kids are obsessed with the digital world, and they use cellphone devices all day long without any supervision.

According to research, an average teen spends more than 7 hours a day on electronic devices, like phones and tablet devices. Moreover, an online security agency AVG stated that, by the time a teen reaches 16, 1 out 3, starts regretting inappropriate online activities.

Top 5 reasons that make parents to track kid’s mobile secretly

Here are the top reasons that force parents to monitor and track phones without them knowing. Parents should know about the following reasons that need to be under surveillance 24/7, and you can do it with the cell phone spy app.

Online predators

Cyber predators are everywhere on the web, and they want to trap teens online no time ever before. Internet world, like chat rooms, digital playgrounds, social apps, online dating platforms, and many have become an epicenter of stalkers, online bullies, sex-offenders, bunny hunters, and slut shimmers. 

Therefore, parents have to have a hidden eye on teen’s digital activities via cellphone devices.  1 out of 3 teens become the victims of cyber bullying, and 12% of teens are sexually humiliated after meeting someone in person.

Adult content

Carnal content is everywhere on the web, and your teens could encounter porn accidentally because it could pop up on their phone screen. More than 32% of teens are obsessed with adult content, and they visit porn sites on their mobile phones. Teens have made cellphones as their X –rated theaters, and they visit websites, apps, and free cam porn and become addicted to it.

 It could cause mental issues among teens, and they could become addicted to sexual activities. So, parents have to know about the hidden activities of teens using cellphone devices. You can spy on the browsing history and bookmarked web pages using a cell phone tracker app.

Social media addiction

75% of the teens are obsessed with social messaging apps and websites and use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and many more. Teens used to send and receive text messages, chat conversations, voice and video calls, voice messages, and many more. Social networks enable teens to interact with strangers online. Instant messaging apps and websites enabling teens to share their privacy as follows:

  • Teens share contacts
  • Teens send photos
  • They send videos
  • They use non-custom profiles
  • They share school name

Online dating

Teens are using social media apps and websites like online dating apps. They use tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more to interact with strangers. Online hookups and date rape are on the rise among teens nowadays. Moreover, teens more like to share their privacy while having an affair with a stranger. There are plenty of cases reportedly stated that teens become the victim of date rape after meeting with the significant other for the first time after a couple of chats conversation online. 

Self-Obscenity or live streaming of nudes 

Young teens use live video streaming apps on cellphone devices, like Bigo Live, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, and dozens of others. They share nudes with strangers to get more likes and to become the well-known person. Teens could face embarrassment because sharing nudes and intimate scenes online involving significant others.

These are the top reason that forces parents to track their mobile devices without them knowing. All you need to do is to install a cell phone spy app on teen’s phones secretly to protect them online.

Track kid’s mobile without them knowing using cell phone spy 

There are dozens of activities of teens that needs to supervise one way or the other and you have to have best cell phone tracker app at your disposal. Let’s get to know how to get your hands on it! 

Step 1: Get TOS online subscription

You can browse for cell phone spying software on your cellphone or PC browser. Moreover, visit the webpage and get a subscription online.

Step 2:  Get your hands on kid’s mobile

You need to have physical access to the target device and get started with the process of installation. Moreover, activate the best phone tracker software and turn to the next step.

Step 3: Use a secure online dashboard to spy on kid’s mobile

You need to use the passcode and ID that you have procured at the time of subscription. Moreover, access the secure web control panel of the world’s best cell phone spy software. You need to activate the following features to spy on kid’s mobile without them knowing. 

Cell phone spy app features to monitor kid’s phone without them knowing 

Here are the following features that you can use on the cellphone to monitor and track kid’s secretly. Let’s describe every feature one by one. 

Social media spy

Users can use phone tracker software and access the cellphone device connected to the cyber. Moreover, access the social messaging apps and get the logs, messages, chat, voice, and video calls with the schedule.

Browsing history

Users can use a browsing history tracker to spy on kid’s cellphones without them knowing. You can visit the web pages, and visited websites with a schedule.

Screen recorder

Users can get access to the mobile screen and record back-to-back short videos of the screen using screen recording software. You can access the recorded videos of the phone screen using an online dashboard.

Read messages

Users can read text messages and chats conversations on a cellphone cellular network using text messages monitoring software.


Cell phone spy is the best tool that works as the remote cell phone tracker to spy on kid’s mobile without knowing.

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