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Wedding Dress Fabric Guide: The A to Z of Wedding Dress Materials

by Melanie Peterson

Every girl eagerly waits for her wedding dress. The day and everything related to it is really very special for her. Endless shopping and a number of functions are celebrated at the wedding season. It is a difficult decision to choose the perfect dress as there are a number of options regarding fabrics, designs, colours and embellishments. A variety of embroidery work with a ravishing neckline and sleeves gives an ideal look to the outfit.


Rather than choosing a readymade wedding dress why not prefer a dress material that can give you a perfect fitting and proper measurement. So if you are searching for a piece of fabric then you can get hundreds of options. Here are some of the fabric guides that you can choose for your wedding dress.



It is richly decorative shuttle-woven fabric that is usually made in coloured silks with or without golden or silver threads. This classy fabric is typically woven on a draw loom. The fabric is made from a supplementary weft technique. Beautiful Banarasi brocade fabric is extensively used for making wedding dresses and fashionable clothes such as lehenga choli, sarees and dress materials. Pearls, stones and diamonds are also used to decorate this cloth. It can be a better wedding dress fabric.



You can also choose the lightweight gauze fabric chiffon for a wedding dress. It is a lightweight sheer fabric that has a smooth and silky texture. It is woven of alternate S and Z highly twisted yarns. It is primarily made from silk and can also be made from synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and rayon. The material is used to make pretty traditional outfits with some beautiful embroidery and laces. An ankle-length gown made of this fabric or a stunning lehenga choli gives the wearer a drastic look.



The fabric with a crinkly surface can be light in weight or can be rich and heavy depending upon the material from which it is made. The one that is light in weight can be preferred to wear in the summer. Generally, heavy gowns and other formal dresses are made from crepe for a charming look. Crepe gives the wearer a ravishing and royal look. It is the perfect one for formal occasions and weddings. You can opt for a stylish gown having some beautiful embellishments and prints.



It is a plain weave fabric that is purely made of silk. This crisp fabric is produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread in the weft technique that makes a highly lustrous fabric. It is often woven with different colour threads and is the top choice for formal wear. Banaras is one of the major manufacturers of dupion fabric in India. The fabric has a smooth and shimmery texture making it the most admired choice for brides. You can definitely choose this material and be the diva of the party.



The sheer fabric that is light in weight and has a dull-finish is originally made from silk. It is made from highly twisted yarns having a crinkly surface that is created by alternating S and Z twist yarns in both weft and warp. The fabric is named after a French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. It is widely admired for gowns, salwar suits, sarees and many other traditional attires giving it a playful and flowy appeal. As it is a breathable fabric it is very comfortable and soft. A beautiful georgette lehenga can give you an adoring look.



Satin has a glossy surface and a dull back. It refers to a weave of fabric rather than the material. The weave is characterized by four or more fill or weft yarns floating over a warp yarn. It is formed with a satin weave using filament fibers such as nylon, polyester or silk. Distinguishable variations can be made of basic satin weave including check weave and granite weave. The material is commonly used to make evening dresses and ethnic outfits that give the wearer a shiny and shimmery look.



The fabric that is highly consumed throughout the globe is cotton. It has a number of characteristics due to which it is considered to be the best fabric. The use of cotton has been done since prehistoric times. It is obtained from cotton plants and is available in bright and vibrant colours. You can choose wholesale dress material for an elegant and simple look. Some beautiful floral prints or traditional motifs make a really awesome attire that can be worn at parties, special events and weddings giving you a flawless look.

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