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How to Choose Indian Wedding Clothes with Traditional Look

by Melanie Peterson

Indian weddings are one of the most elaborate weddings which can be of any caste, creed or religion but the main objective for the Indian weddings which is primarily of Hindu are about giving the bride and the groom much of the happiness and fulfillment of a lifetime.

If one person thinks about the wedding then nothing can be seen in terms of any less expenditure but with various wise steps much of the weddings are all about cost cutting these days in a NRI Matrimony Site. The Indian wedding clothes which are all about Sherwani or the Suite which can give them the much of the money saving aspect are said to be of various expenses involved.

How to Choose Indian Wedding Clothes with Traditional Look

If one thinks about the dressing sense of man they try to give all the pomp and show on the wedding day with the tip to toe approach where one thing overlaps each other in terms of giving the style and elegance to carry in style.

If one thinks about the person who is a groom then the Indian wedding clothes are all about the various dressing which is also fusion in terms of dressing sense. The only dressing style which is all about the Indo-Western dresses this year.

The different style and outfits can be either parallel trousers or cigarette pants with slits with an embellishment that can be more of the outfit to be of a fusion-styled wedding which are more of the modern as compared with traditional.

Now, talking about the wedding style of bride then they outsmart the man with loads of designing which is about inventing their own style along with customizing the dress as per her own needs. If one has to go for the Gown-Style Sari then it can be said with the gown with pallu.

Also, the majority of the Hindu-wedding occasion during evening the super stylish dress fits the evening wedding ceremonies. The same can be said for many other clothing which can be Slit Silhouette which is highly teamed up with dhoti or churidar. It can also be draped with a stole which adds elegance to the more interesting design.

The corset skirt cum lehenga is more towards the fusion which is all set for glam evening and all those beautiful damsels who find it difficult for carrying themselves in a sari there own Sonam Kapoor has given them a new designing which is pants underneath Saree.

One of the traditional wedding clothes is from Punjabi community. Punjabi marriage is known for the glitz and glamour associated with it. With all the people who love to know more about the wedding of Punjabis should understand that although they stick to the traditional structure but there are many people who want to look a bit special or different on their special day.

The Punjabis who carry Kripan or Sword on their wedding day while sitting on a horse and their defiant built which can be seen in the image they carry and also is a necessity matches with the cloth they wear. If one talks about the marriage style then it is more open with day-time marriage and the Gurudwara Sahib playing an important part in the marriage ceremony.

Most of the time the bride is known to wear traditional dress such as Lehenga with rich color and if we think about the beauty which is added to the occasion it is because of the beautiful smile which the bride carries and also the smartness which oozes out in their behavior and attitude.

Now, talking about being a bit experimental it is good to start something afresh esp. In the case of Groom’s dressing as the Churidar Pajama and the Sherwani are becoming a thing of the past. Also, if one goes in a Tuxedo it does not match with the colorful attire style so it will be good if they take the traditional path of Punjabi Tamba and Kurta.

It looks a bit different and is more colorful resembling the Punjabi version of Lungi which has folds in the front along with the pagdi giving a complete look and also by getting mojri of the best color.
It shows the various ways to introduce the designer dress and thus help the weddings outfit to get the style completion and look different during wedding.

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