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Wedding Dress Trends For Summer 2022

by Melanie Peterson

The last couple of years has been tough for couples planning their weddings.

Due to restrictions, many had to revert to online wedding events, or have their dream day pushed back. In 2022, it seems this trend is over and now, many brides are planning for their perfect day.

One key feature for any bride to obsess over, of course, is their dress. Feminine, beautiful, and the image of grace—the perfect dress can make a bride feel like a queen.


As more brides begin to look for their dream dress, it is worth knowing what is “in” this year. Take inspiration from this article and choose the right dress for your big day.

Corset bodices

A corset bodice dress brings both elegance and class in a simple piece. Paired with a large skirt, this is a modern take on a traditional design.

Are you worried about support? Don’t be! These dresses come with it already builtin, and can be adjustable to fit your shape; so if you are blessed in the bosom department, you can go strapless. Paired with the right wedding photography, such as the services offered by Joanne Keighery, this dress style can be a dream come true.

Square necklines

Sweetheart necklines are not on trend this year with wedding dresses. Rather, the square neckline has taken its place in many wedding shows, adding an almost Tudor theme to your gown.

It adds just the right amount of grace, while also offering hidden support. It shows off the right amount of cleavage too, without being overstated. These dress tops are often paired with a princess skirt. So, if you are getting married in a castle, this may be the ideal dress for a more medieval-themed wedding—especially if the neckline has clusters of pearls or jewels!

Bridal suit

The bridal suit of the 1980s has made a bit of a comeback—but with one new key feature: it is now a jumpsuit!

Pulling off a bridal jumpsuit depends fully on your ability to get one that fits your body, and can be a great alternative if you don’t want to wear a dress.

That is not to say that this option is less glamorous. Quite the contrary! You can buy bridal jumpsuits with an asymmetrical design: they may have only one strap; or they can have a lace-based top half. They may even have a lower neckline. Based on the look you want to pull off, there is a jumpsuit for every bride!

Puff sleeves

The popularity of period dramas like Downton Abbey is behind the rise of this design. The puffy sleeve can add a regency theme to an uncomplicated dress, while also adding structure to your shape.

The sleeves can be either long or short, but both add a timeless quality to your dress. Some dresses incorporate both square necklines and puffy sleeves.

Plunging necklines

Do you want to try a more daring outfit? A plunging neckline is a way to do this.

It creates a focal point for your dress, while also showing off your cleavage. If you have a larger bosom, this may not be the right dress for you due to lack of support, but it certainly adds a chic and striking look to any wedding day photo album!

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