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Significant Communication and Its Barriers

by Melanie Peterson

The entire model of communication depends on three components, sender, message and receiver. However, there is the fourth component as well which makes it more complex and that is the channel of the communication. We will talk about the fourth component later in this chapter. For now, we will talk about the channel as the medium of the message. Journal of the information can be anything it can take a written, verbal, and nonverbal form. TV ads, emails, video chats, are some of the examples of communication channels.

If we talk about business and organisations, then the sender and receiver rule would be played by the managers and employees throughout the organisation. Let’s understand this through an example, a manager of a company has decided to conduct a meeting with employees to discuss the new project for the quarter. Now here, the sender of the message would be a manager and a receiver of the message are the employees.

There is a different range of communication used throughout organisations. Business communication is a fast subject and it is used to promote the goods and services offered by the organisation. It includes different perspectives such as consumer behavior, public relation, event management, reputation management, and many more. Business communication is also about internal communication is used within the organisation. For example, in many big organisations, a certain person is held responsible for internal communication throughout the company.

Communication is necessary for all aspects of life regardless of any nature. It is widely used and required by the students throughout their academic life. There are certain professional writing activities that students have to perform. One of the most complex writing activities is the dissertation writing that students need to perform at the end of their program. Writing a dissertation is one of the most complex tasks for the students because it is lengthy and professional writing. It demands a good grip on communication skills if you want to meet the standards of custom dissertation writing.

Barriers In Communication

Lack of communication skills can cause a lot of complexities throughout academic and professional activities. If we talk about big organisations, a single miscommunication can cause worst effects on the business, because these giants organisations are dealing with tons of money on daily basis. Even if the organisation is failed to define its objectives and goals to the employees, then employees would not be able to meet the organisational goals effectively. When a business makes irrelevant and misleading claims about the specific product or services, it can also be considered as a lack of communication. A misleading claim about the product or services can also give devastating consequences to the companies. It can result in lawsuits and one has to pay penalties in the monetary form.

These are some of the basic reasons that companies should have some clarity, consistency, and honesty throughout business communication. However, there are different types of barriers in the communication that everyone has to face throughout the academic and professional life.

Let’s see some of these basic barriers and communication that can help you to avoid the same for the quality results.

Use of Jargons

When we talk about business communication, it always says that the message of the sender should be concise and clear so that the receiver can understand the objectives of the message effectively and efficiently.

It is a misconception of the students that using jargons and difficult words about the writing and communication can increase the quality of their content, however, it is not as you think. Using difficult and Technical words can actually distract the readers to get the required understanding from your context of writing. I always recommend students to use the easy and relevant words if you want to make your writing clearer to the audience. However, you can use jargons where it is necessary but not for the entire writing.

Withholding Information:

There are many types of information about the organisation of a different nature. Not every information can be provided to everyone but every information should be readily available when needed.

Chain Of Command

It is important for the companies to maintain and improve their hierarchy if you want to effectively communicate throughout different departments of the organisation. A piece of advice for the companies and for businesses is to avoid all types of unnecessary hierarchy instrument the departmental interactions and effective internal communication.

Trust Issues

In different companies with a variety of competitive culture, there can be trust issues among the departments or within the departments. In such a competitive working culture, there can be a lack of trust among the employees who always resist to share the information and to communicate openly.

Filtering The Information

It is true that people always hear what they want to hear, and understand what they want to understand instead of focusing on what actually has been said. Due to the filtration of the information, the receiver receives the message with some distortion.

Language Barriers

The language barrier is one of the most common communicational barriers throughout the academic and professional life. Language varies from culture to culture and from country to country. It is important for companies to educate the employees about the sensitivity of the culture and to deliver there are messages to the targeted audience.

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