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Degree Apprenticeships at Bangor University to Know

by Maria Berg

You probably have completed your Bachelor’s degree and now working in the industry. Have you ever thought of pursuing a higher degree while retaining your employment? The thought might have disturbed you, but there is an alternative way for full-time work and part-time study. A degree apprenticeship program allows you to keep your position in the industry and pursue your dream degree. Bangor University offers degree apprenticeships to local and international students to allow them to gain value and work experience simultaneously. This post will explain what degree apprenticeships at Bangor University students should know. Keep walking to learn more!

Degree Apprenticeships at Bangor University to Know

Degree Apprenticeships at Bangor University:

Degree apprenticeship programs allow students to pursue an industry-relevant degree in a respective field. The degree will allow them to learn new prospects and advance their careers. Graduated students can enjoy a promotion to managerial levels, allowing them to drive an organization and participate in strategic-level decisions. Bangor University offers degree apprenticeships in the following fields.

1. Applied Software Engineering:

This Applied Software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship combines work with college and university study as an alternative to typical higher education. This course aims to give those who have already been employed full-time in the software and ICT industries the opportunity to advance their skills, knowledge, and competence while earning a degree.

The degree is taught using a combination of structured work-based learning and day-release classes at Coleg Llandrillo and Bangor University. You will acquire the necessary skills to sign up for the IET’s ICT Technician qualification (ICTTech). The degree combines computer science with engineering, and students can develop industry-relevant skills and expertise in the field. Students can excel in the given areas:

  • Computing Foundations
  • Programming with Python
  • C#
  • Web-based enterprise Java
  • Website creation using HTML5/CSS
  • Mobile App Development

2. Applied Cyber Security:

Employees in the cyber security industry can advance their knowledge and expertise with this degree apprenticeship. The degree is designed in conjunction with the industry to ensure students learn what the industry wants. Once enrolled in the degree, you can explore the full breadth of cyber security by combining traditional academic teaching and work-based learning.

This BSc in Applied Cyber Security Apprenticeship Degree is a great choice if you are searching for a university program that is relevant to the IT industry and can be finished while working. You gain from the degree program by expanding your knowledge and employment options and helping your company succeed. Consider contacting educational consultants in Pakistan to start your application for this degree!

3. Applied Electrical Engineering:

The apprenticeship program in electrical engineering allows students to develop a broad understanding of the field. It can equip graduates with the skills and expertise required for a professional career in electrical engineering. Moreover, students can also learn business principles to assume managerial positions in the relevant field to add value to the industry.

The combination of theory and practice can allow students to explore the full breadth of the field and take away useful insights. The mathematical approach to theory and engineering demonstrates that students will never run short on mindful concepts to solve real-world problems.

4. Applied Data Science:

The curriculum for this Applied Data Science Degree Apprenticeship was established in collaboration with industry to meet the IT sector’s needs and workforce development. It incorporates both conventional academic instruction and on-the-job training to cover the entire spectrum of data science. Since the concept is fast penetrating the industry, students should learn it for better employability.

The administration and analysis of “data” are important to the applied data science approach. It focuses on various programming and analytical techniques to help firms process data. Some of the common study topics in this degree include:

  • Mathematics for computers
  • Python Programming
  • Introduction to computer systems
  • SQL database management
  • Data Analysis

5. Applied Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering has always been a critical and crucial domain for various industries. Workers in this domain must have competitive skills and expertise to keep the wheel running. Bangor University offers a degree apprenticeship program to help workers understand the advanced philosophy of this area.

This course builds a comprehensive understanding of mechanical engineering and business principles. It helps students become competent engineers with the information, understanding, and skills necessary for a professional career in the mechanical engineering sector. The program expands on previously learned engineering ideas in both mechanical and electrical/electronic theory to apply them in practical settings. Do you want to be part of this degree? Consider contacting education consultants in Pakistan to start your application process today!

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