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10 Themed Home Office Ideas To Craft Your Ideal Workspace

by Melanie Peterson

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for remote work is increasing. So, you should take the time to create your own well-designed home office, it must be comfortable and functional. Your home office setup impacts your feelings of effectiveness, engagement,  concentration, and satisfaction from the work. However, design schemes and possibilities are endless, so how to choose the right home office layout?

Here, we’ve consolidated the 10 best inspirational ideas so that you can upgrade your own workplace with the right color palette, furniture, and decorative accents. 

Theme 1: For Technology Lovers

A home office is not just another room in your house, it’s a workplace that must boost your productivity. Therefore, ensure that you have everything you need at arm’s length there! There’s nothing more frustrating than when you begin to work and realize you haven’t turned the light on or the room is too cold or hot, or anything. Do upgrade your home office technology, especially if you are a fan of high-tech! It’s so convenient to control everything with a push of a button right from your workstation! Consider a home smart automation system to turn on/off the fan or your favorite tunes, open/close the blinds, etc. If you want to make your home office even more comfortable and luxurious, install the best cappuccino maker. What can be better than doing an interesting project and sipping delicious coffee?

Theme 2: For Artsy-Type Personality 

If you are artistic, show off your personality and style with bold, vibrant accessories. Besides, one of the best ways to bring a home office setup to life is with nice decor, it’ll make the environment more comfortable and cozier for you. What would you like to add to your workplace? How about books, works of art, vintage pieces, family photos? Or do you prefer something colorful and bright like a rainbow garland, cute handmade things, and other vibrant accessories? Furthermore, home office decor can introduce both function and fun if you choose something unique but still useful and convenient, e.g., nice shelves, storage bins, boxes, and organizers, desk accessories, etc. Try to create an inspiring atmosphere in your home office so that it can boost your productivity and even improve your work approaches. 

Theme 3: For Nature Lovers

If you are a nature lover, you do need to bring in lots of plants, flowers, and natural materials to your workplace. Even if you are a happy owner of a gorgeous library-style home office complete with bookshelves, artworks, and a fireplace, some greenery will ensure the room is cozy and fresh. Obviously, a bouquet of flowers looks luxurious, but houseplants provide air purification and many other health benefits. Just make sure you don’t have an allergy to the chosen greenery.  

Theme 4: For Night Owls

For those who work better at night, the right lighting is the first thing they must focus on. So, if you are a night owl who lights up with ideas and motivation as soon as the sun sets, you may want multiple sources of lighting that will create warm diffused light. Consider task lighting – an overhead fixture and a desk lamp; if your home office is spacious, add scones. All in all, proper illumination will enhance your after-hours inspiration.

As for home office furniture, night owls appreciate clean lines and light colors. What about you? 

Theme 5: For Early Birds

As an early bird, you might like plenty of sunlight. Hence, make sure your workstation features at least one window so that you stay motivated and productive. Position your home office desk in front of the sunlit window. The light from the sun has great health benefits like improved physical activity, good mood, and quality sleep. It also provides extra vitamin D to support the immune system and uplift the mindset for an effective workday.

Opt for light-colored furniture in combination with bright accessories. If you don’t want to overload your workplace with decor elements, infuse color with a patterned rug and coordinating drapery. This way, the room will get a fresh and airy look. 

Theme 6: For Multitaskers

If you are a multitasker, your home office must work with you. You don’t want to waste your time finding things, so everything must be well-organized. Design flaws or chaos can slow you down as you’re performing your tasks. It would be great if nearly every item does at least 2 jobs. 

You’ll appreciate home office chairs that swivel in time with your racing brain, a framed bulletin board for your notes above the workplace, or chalkboard paint for putting your to-do list on full display. 

Theme 7: For Parents

As a parent, you know how challenging it may be to work when your kids are at home. Are you going to have a video call with your boss behind the closed door? Kiddos want nothing more than to open it! And they always find a way in! So, opt for a child-friendly workplace scheme. Your home office desk should be big enough to accommodate you and your kids so that they can make some art or do homework while you are working. Or consider a room divider to invite your little ones to hang as long as they want.

Theme 8: For Pet Lovers

Pets are like little kids – they always want to be near you and if you don’t mind such coworking, your home office must be well-designed to withstand the wear and tear of pets. 

Choose sturdy, reliable furniture and accessories. You may also want to add some pet-themed accents that will provide the blend of form and function at your workplace.

Theme 9: For Thinkers

Your best ideas and the most productive days happen in academic rooms and libraries. You like a professor’s study style where you can find solid wood furniture, lots of shelves filled with books, works of art, and dark colors. Such a design will support a complete immersion in your work. 

Opt for classic pieces and try painting one of the walls in your home office a rich hue like navy, or hunter green, or whichever color that best matches your style and decor.   

Theme 10: For Those Who Like Comfort Chick

Do you like your home office to feel like a cozy living room where you can grab your laptop and work for hours sitting in your favorite armchair? Why not? You’ll need nothing more than a minimalistic desk, a comfy, nice chair, a sofa with cute cushions, houseplants, and a few accessories up to your style. Give the room a warm and inviting feel by infusing interesting color schemes or patterns.   


We hope that our ideas will help you create a totally comfortable home office for you. If you’ve already designed your dream workplace, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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