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6 Best E-Learning App Development Ideas for EdTech Businesses in 2021

by Melanie Peterson

Gone are the days when students used to receive education within the four walls of a classroom. In today’s tech-driven era, individuals can learn and gain knowledge anytime and from anywhere, without any limit to age groups and regional boundaries. The penetration of technology in the education industry in the form of e-learning app development has truly transformed the way students and education businesses are receiving and delivering education services. With e-learning mobile apps, it is now possible for students and tutors to get in touch in real-time and make learning a joyful and engaging experience. From addressing daily classroom issues to interacting with online tutors, learning through quizzes and games to completing and submitting home assignments online, e-learning apps have revolutionized the education system. Today, many educational institutions are becoming inclined towards education app development for providing real-time and globally accessible classes to their students.

Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for many schools, colleges, universities, and even EdTech startups worldwide to start investing in e-learning app development in such a short timeframe. In the year 2020, it was predicted that m-education will reach around $37.8 billion. According to a report by App Annie, mobile education apps have witnessed a 90% increase in weekly download usage globally during the initial six months of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With such an encouraging figure, you too can build an e-learning app to help students access and learn from online resources and teachers at any time and from anywhere. If you’re planning to build an education app to provide a platform for learning amidst COVID-19, then now is the right time to get started.

Here are 6 amazing education app ideas to make learning a fun and enjoyable experience:

6 Best Education App Ideas to Consider in 2021 and Beyond

1. My Personal Tutor App

There are students who feel shy to raise their questions in front of everyone. Hence, their doubts or queries remain unheard and unanswered. A Personal Tutor app allows a student to have one-to-one interaction with subject matter experts through an online platform. This way, even introverted students can easily clear their doubts by questioning the teacher without any hesitation. Additionally, they can get notes from their teachers after their conversation through the private tutor app.

2. An App for Specially-abled Children

An education app can be a great boon for children with physical disabilities. This app is beneficial for handicapped children who cannot attend regular classes and lectures. It can help these children learn from the comfort of their homes. With this app, they can get in touch with teachers in real-time and attend live lectures. Education apps for handicapped kids can bring teachers and children on a single platform for regular learning purposes. 

3. Virtual Classroom

One of the adverse effects of COVID-19 on the education industry was the temporary closure of schools, colleges, and universities across the globe. This major step towards mitigating the risk of the spread of coronavirus brought education to a sudden halt for students. To overcome this problem, virtual classroom apps were introduced to ensure that student’s education does not suffer amidst the uncertainties of the COVD-19 pandemic.

A virtual classroom application can provide a platform for hosting live classroom sessions where students and teachers can interact, just as they do in a real-world classroom. Teachers can teach students in groups or batches through this app.

Live video streaming technology provides a very innovative and effective teaching model for educational institutions. Live video streaming applications have become a game-changer in the e-learning industry. Furthermore, virtual classroom apps nowadays come integrated with a learning management system that empowers school administration and parents to manage the education system easily and efficiently.

4. An App for Entrance Exam Preparation

Every student aspires to crack entrance exams at different levels in the first attempt. This requires thorough exam preparation. Students dedicatedly enroll and attend exam preparation classes to achieve the highest score. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as lockdown and social distancing norms have made it difficult for students to continue with their preparations. Even the institutions that prepare students for various levels of examinations are going through losses due to the lockdown.

To cope up with this problem, these institutions can create virtual classes where they can host live sessions and address one or a group of students. Teachers can also upload on-demand video tutorials, notes, mock tests, and other resources on the app to help students access them from anywhere and use them for their exam preparations.

5. Foreign Language Learning

Learning a new foreign language brings many undeniable cognitive benefits. People who learn a foreign language have better memory, critical thinking, concentration, listening skills, multi-tasking, and problem-solving abilities. Although learning a new language has many advantages, learning it from scratch can be quite difficult for beginners.

An organized app designed for easy language learning can be the most convenient way for learners to be able to read and write their preferred foreign language. This application can help students and adults to learn the correct pronunciation of words, create new interactive quizzes and competitions, and understand the competency level through pre-defined language competency levels, and do a lot more to learn the language quickly.

6. AR-based E-Learning App

Augmented Reality technology bestows students with real-like learning experiences. Education applications integrated with AR technology can help teachers explain scientific and experimental concepts to students easily. Incorporating AR in e-learning can not only provide a deep understanding of intense topics but also hold students’ attention throughout the lecture. 

AR-powered education applications also allow teachers to conduct reality-based experiments to help students understand better. These apps can also be used to create a stimulating environment to help students learn about the solar system, universe, galaxies, and other unseen and intangible objects in detail.

Final Thought

So, these are the top 6 education app ideas that you can consider in 2021 to start your venture. However, the list of education app ideas is not limited to just these ideas as there’s no limit to imagination and dreams. 

E-learning app development holds a very promising future and opens the gate for attracting more investors. If you are planning to invest in an e-learning app development company, now is the right time to bring your education app idea to life. Education apps are not only accessible by everyone from anywhere but have also shown increased student engagement during COVID-19 times over traditional education systems.

So, if you have an e-learning app idea, turn it into reality, and help transform the EdTech industry.

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