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How to Fix Common Roadrunner Email Errors?

by Melanie Peterson

Today Roadrunner is one of the famous emailing services with a good number of active and satisfied customers. But there are few errors which a user may face while using Roadrunner email. Most of the errors appear on runtime which can be fixed easily. Along with good mailing service, Roadrunner also provides good customer handing team. Whenever you get into an error, you can directly contact the team. Most of the emailing service errors can be fixed by using simple methods.

Troubleshooting Roadrunner email problems:

Unable to load Roadrunner email

Whenever you get the error in loading email then immediately check the internet. This error occurs when the internet connection is weak. Run the speed test of your internet. For weak connections, you have to wait until the connection gets stable. If you have connected your device to the Wi-Fi then place the device nearby it. You can also use the LAN for a good connection. Sometimes the error appears when the user has connected the PC to the shared or unsecured network. Disconnect the device from the shared network. Now connect it to a secure connection and try to send an email with Roadrunner.

Issues in sending or receiving email

Sending or receiving email errors occur due to issues in incoming and outgoing server settings. When the error occurs, inspect your incoming and outgoing server and then check for solution:

Incoming Server Settings

  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your RR password
  • Server: pop-server.maine.rr.com
  • Port: 110
  • Security Type: None

Outgoing Server Settings

  • Server: smtp.maine.rr.com
  • Port: 587
  • Required Sign-in: Check
  • Security Type: None
  • Username: Your email address
  • Password: Your RR password

After making the changes in your settings, restart your device and check whether the error gets fixed or not.

My Roadrunner account get blocked

Your RR account can get blocked due to two reasons, either you are inactive for a long time or the RR has suspected any malicious activity on your account. If the account gets blocked due to inactivity then you have to contact the Roadrunner team for help. In case the error appears due to malicious activity then you have to wait until your account gets reopened automatically. This error occurs when the user has opened his RR account from two different geographical locations at the same time. People sometimes use VPN or proxy sites while opening the RR account then get into the error.

Unable to attach the file

Some people reported that they are unable to attach the file with a Roadrunner email. This is one of the common Roadrunner email problems which occur when the user is trying to send an attachment of large size. Roadrunner has a specific policy for file attachment. You have to check the policy before attaching the file. If the size of your file is large then you have to send it in parts. Otherwise, find another medium for sharing the file.

I am receiving unwanted emails

Today a user gets numerous emails per day. Most of the emails are spams. Spam messages can flood your email account. If you don’t want to get the unwanted emails then you can mark them as spam. Whenever you receive an unwanted email on your account, go to the email address and mark it as spam. Now all the emails from that email address will directly move to the spam folder. If you don’t want any message from the account then you can also block the address. 

Roadrunner email is not working on Android

If your Roadrunner is not working on Android that means you haven’t configured your RR account correctly. Follow the given steps to configure RR on Android device:

  • Open your Mail application
  • Type your Roadrunner credentials
  • Set POP as your email incoming server
  • Enter the password of RR account
  • Configure POP settings
  • Select IMAP server

Configure the IMAP server and hit the done button. Now check whether your RR account is working on Android or not. You can also access your Roadrunner account on iDevices.

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