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6 Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Needs a Redesign

by Melanie Peterson
Alright, it will be a little hard to digest but there are very few websites on the internet that never undergo even a minor facelift during the entire lifespan. Do you think you are one of those lucky people who does not feel revamping your website with the help of a WordPress development company?

Of course, your website is having a compelling design and helps you do whatever it takes to run your business with the help of WordPress Development Services. But, you should accept the fact that with the time your website design turns outdated and you might be using obsolete communication strategies. This, in another way, may cause losing the customers.

According to the recent survey, it is found that 75% of online visitors make judgments on your website credibility based on its overall aesthetics. This means your website’s design and functionality are crucial to run your online business smoothly today.

If you feel your search engine rankings are far behind your competitor or sales are dropped, it is an alarm to hire a WordPress developer and redesign your website. In this post, we shed light on the 6 different signals that you must look out to identify if it is time to give a facelift to your website with the help of a WordPress development company.

• Metrics are shredding!!!

One of the very first signs that your WordPress website needs to be redesigned is constantly dropping metrics. There could be other reasons for this, but once you overcome with it with the help of improved PSD to WordPress Conversion, consistently downgraded sales, user engagement activities and active participation defines how effective your design is.

Many people believe that it is a lack of creativity, but what it really reflects is a clear disconnect between you and your audience. One crucial parameter to overcome this during a redesigning of wordpress website is to identify where in the workflow the design is failing and fix those areas at first.

• It is looking “OLD”

Do you know 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout or content are unattractive or outdated? When you started your online venture, you hire a WordPress developer and invested a lot to Convert PSD to WordPress. But, ever since you were doing business, you got nearly no time to pay attention to the most important facet to survive in the online business – “Keep Upgrading for Betterment”. Compare your existing website’s aesthetics to such booming websites as it will be a great parameter to assess your design.

• Fail to be “Responsive”

Its official, people love to browse the internet with hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets. And if you are still thinking that redesigning a wordpress website is a big call, then you are out of the market! Today, having a responsive website is a must-to-have factor to gain more business. Nothing can be more annoying than browsing a website where your target audience will have to struggle to enlarge each page or clicking on a wrong link all the time.

• Unable to reflect your brand!

Maybe you are hosting your online business for many years and even having a well-defined business model to make it work. You have started with a scratch and now become a huge brand. But, do you think your website managed to reflect it online? It is possible that your audience is now changed or maybe your online presence is not as powerful as others. Therefore, it is important to establish the right online presence that is in-line with your brand value and helps you elevate from where you left off.

• Higher UX debts

How often you check what your competitors are up to? Daily, a month or never? Many of us often don’t really care what is going on in the world of web. Today, designing a WordPress site is not just about PSD to WordPress Conversion, but it is more about understanding users’ behavior. The one who understands this simple rule could be far ahead in the game. Try to spare some time to review what the pain points of the end-users are and what degrades the user experience in your website.

• Mismatch in Current Marketing Strategy & Your Website…

Of course, your marketing strategies were perfect to bring inquiries and improve the conversions a few years back. But, do you know that there is a lot happened in the last few years when it comes to a marketing strategy and so it does for your business too. Just by simply adding plug-in or incorporating keywords will not help you gain more business these days. Ensure that you redefine the marketing strategy and facelift your design accordingly.

These are six simple indicators that it’s high time to redesign your website. Based on your situation, these reasons can vary in terms of severity, but each of them is having a strong impact on the way your online business performing. Be it a responsive design and changing strategy or to Convert PSD to WordPress, modern design will help you create a positive first impression and helps you impact the decision of end-users. Looking for the Professional WordPress Development Services to boost up your online presence? Get in touch with us now!

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