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Literacy Skills in Career and Technical Education Classes

by Melanie Peterson
Literacy skills refer to the ability of comprehending the written texts. It means how well a person can read and then think and interpret further things from that given text. It is an important sill to master by every individual regardless of his field and interest. However, according to a study, a major part of the students cannot effectively read the text and then interpret it to ask relevant questions and even understand the message delivered. It is something to take notice of thoroughly because literacy skills are important for everyone.

Literacy Skills in Career and Technical Education Classes

Not enough efforts are made to improve adolescent reading and writing skills in education system, rather the system only focuses on learning what is in the text books and the teachers do not care how exactly the student is learning all that information. The students usually opt for rote learning and that is why their literacy skills are perpetually ruined. However, the problem in all of his fiasco is the wrong focus of training. The best way to improve adolescent reading and writing is through CTE courses.

One of the biggest misconceptions in our society is that literacy is only limited to English classes. People consider reading and writing only a part of English language and literature cases, and according to them any literacy skill in any other field is plain absurd. However, this is definitely not true and especially in CTE improving the literacy skills is much easier via the course material, text books, lab reports, floor plans, and blueprints they get. If the teacher manages to align the provided text according to the interests of the students then the engagement and interest level will also increase and the student will be able to enhance his skills much better than ever.

It could be really hard in the beginning for the teachers and students both in a CTE class to incorporate the literacy strategies. Due to the concept of literacy skills to be limited to English classes only, students find it hard to accept any such tasks which involve reding and writing in bulk and therefore, they often start slacking, but the teacher should be firm about it and plan their lectures according to the literacy strategies in CTE classes. There are four main strategies that are as follow.

Reading and summarizing the article

Provide the class with a relevant article or piece of written text from anywhere online or any magazine, book or journal. Ask the students to thoroughly read the text and then summarize it in their own words. It might look quite simple and easy to you but trust me, reading and summarizing is one of the easiest yet the most confused and ignored tasks by people. A lot of people fail to summarize the given text aptly and instead plagiarize the entire wok as a form of their own written summary. According to cheap assignment help experts, the best solution for these problems in a CTE class is the graphic organizer. It helps the students to identify the information, interpret in an appropriate order and then process it properly and thoroughly before stating to write your summary.

Critical thinking and then asking questions

It is important to be able to think critically in the professional world and people without this particular skill often make a lot of mistakes. For this skill development, you can ask your students to think critically about the given situation or text and then ask questions according to that. It will help them improve and enhance their ability to critically analyze any situation and then ask relevant questions. Most of the individuals are unable to do critical thinking which also makes them absolutely clueless about what and how to ask and if they do know what to ask, the questions are not relevant or much needed. Therefore this strategy is excellent to improve literacy skills and assignmentace ratio amongst the students.

Reflect and react

Provide the students with an image or video relevant to the course and then ask them to reflect on the given contents after that also make them respond to it however, they want. This strategy helps the students to be able to extract a lesson from every situation and then think of the right ways to work on it or about it.

Choose a side and prove with reason

In this specific strategy, you can provide the class with a conflict situation or theory and then ask them to take a stand and also prove their point with the help of evidence or reason. It is an excellent way to train the people for professional world where they have to face multiple such quarrels and take decisions. In short, there decision making skills would be getting polished with this strategy.
Career and technical education classes are an excellent place to improve the literacy skills of students since their practical learning is at peak in those classes. Discussed above are the four core strategies to use for this purpose.

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