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How to Prepare English Grammar for UPSC?

by Melanie Peterson

Most IAS aspirants choose English as the language for the personality test and the written test of the UPSC exam. The interviewer panel seeks the best candidates fluent in understanding the medium and expects candidates to provide the best answers for the most twisted questions with confidence and conviction. So, focussing on English grammar for UPSC can prove very useful, and methods can enable to achieve this goal.

4 Methods of Preparing for English UPSC English Grammar

1. Read Editorials and Write to the Editors

Newspaper editorials are informative and help to enhance vocabulary. They even captivate reader attention and build curiosity for the upcoming articles. Established columnists and editors publish these. Therefore, you might find contextual usage of English and no grammatical errors. 

Newspaper publishers believe that it is the centerpiece of their dailies. Curating letters to editors after reading the article would help to use the new vocabulary and enhance the writing skill and flow. It is not necessary to send all letters to the editors. Instead, you can use it as a practice and find errors online or through an online English speaking course of a certified advanced English professional.

2. Join An Online Course for Competitive Exams

Aspirants of the UPSC exam want to excel in English language skills because it is one of the most competitive government exams in most Indian states. They often practice ten-year papers available online or at nearby stationary stores. 

But, convincing the panel that you are the right IAS candidate with a grasp of the language can become daunting. Therefore, taking an English course for online competitive government exams can prove substantially beneficial for scoring high remarks on both tests.

3. Build Vocabulary Constantly

Even though joining an online English course, reading editorials, and writing letters to the editors would enhance vocabulary, it might not teach all new words of the Oxford dictionary. So, it is crucial to learn new words and use them accurately while forming sentences. 

IAS officers constantly encounter new government terms in government orders, policy decisions, current news, and everyday communication. The easiest method to ensure that you become familiar with terminologies used in these areas is by visiting government websites and watching online interviews of public speakers.

4. Assess Language Skills Through Tests

Solving previous year’s papers or participating in online quizzes can help to assess grammar skills. Moreover, it will enhance your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Experts have posted IAS questions online in many different forms. 

Some ask questions during live YouTube sessions and point out the correct answer with an explanation, whereas others display the correct answer after checking a box. However, such methods might leave room for doubt before the IAS final exam. The best way to clarify is by either availing a trial class or a full-time course from an online English language professional.

Lastly, ensure that all English grammar lessons are covered by a tight schedule and follow it without having second thoughts. Additionally, watching biographies or listening to narrators can also prove advantageous.

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