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Best Ed Tech Startup in India Who Deals in Spoken English for Kids

by Melanie Peterson

Learning spoken English has become crucial for kids of all ages as it is one of the communication languages in schools. Moreover, it helps develop cognitive skills, lose the fear of public speaking, boost confidence, and ensure a prosperous future for the child.

The importance of spoken English courses for kids rose during the pandemic. However, a few ed-tech startups that provide spoken English for kids courses flourished astonishingly. Each of them offered a unique perspective to the learners.

5 Ed Tech Startups in India That Provide Spoken English for Kids Classes

1. Simpli English

The best ed-tech startup in India that provides spoken English and communication skills for kids classes is Simpli English. Its customized lesson plans, experienced teachers, flexibility in class timings, and reasonable budget have ranked it at the top. The tutors also provide spoken English, IELTS, and English training to corporates. 

Therefore, the trainers are continuously engrossed in developing customized tests, enhancing learning speed, and providing captivating lessons for public speaking. Moreover, the forty-one teachers at the institute offer online courses. So, students don’t need to travel and can sessions even while travelling.

2. Multibhashi

Multibhashi is a reputed language learning platform that offers spoken English skill courses for children. Its classes aim to grasp the attention of the children through conversations in the said language.

The institute believes that native speakers help the children grasp the English language basics within the first few sessions. The techniques used as Multibhashi help learners decipher written English and communicate with other children slowly and transparently.

3. Hello English

Hello English is a bilingual app that helps learners grasp the language by translation from a choice of twenty-two other languages. The course has 475 lessons, a 10K word dictionary, customer support, and teacher assistance.

Some of the methods used in the Hello English app to learn spoken English, mainly for kids, include e-books, clips, videos, audio, and daily news. The app owners believe it provides a safe learning environment for people trying to grasp the language through translation.

4. OckyPocky

OckyPocky is India’s first interactive English learning app for preschool children developed by Whizkids. It used Natural Learning Process or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to teach English to its users.

It is different from most video apps, as OckyPocky is developed for those trying to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). The 200K children using the app grasp 8-10 million words in a month. Also, the app functions on a feedback mechanism and teaches vocab through vernacular, video, and voice approaches.

5. Immerse

A combination of spoken English and virtual reality, Immerse is a practical method of learning the language. Students develop English skills based on experience using a VR headset and communicating with avatars. The organization provides a range of themes and topics. Immerse came into the market in 2017 and became extremely popular with isolated classes during the pandemic. 

Ed-tech startups in India that provide language lessons are increasing due to the rising demand of learners, especially kids. However, Simpli English is the best institute because it offers multiple benefits and has teachers specializing in the language.

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