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Top 7 Skills to Get You the High-Demand Jobs (With Good Salary Ranges)

by Melanie Peterson

Are you having a hard time finding your desired job that also pays you well? This hub is quite huge and almost everyone is trying their best to get that one job. But the truth is we have too many candidates and too few vacancies. So the competition is quite tough and companies don’t let anyone join their firms just like that. In fact, in many companies, they mention specific sets of skills beforehand just in case.

There are two types of skills that everyone should know because, in upcoming years, you are most likely to see a world that might prefer these skills more than anything. The first category is soft skills and the 2nd category is technical skills. Both have their fair share in this continuously evolving world. 

In the following article, we are going to talk about some of the in-demand skills from both categories. But before applying for any of these positions you might need a strong CV. Make sure you hire professional CV writer – CV Dubai to compose your resume professionally. 

1. Soft skills

These types of skills are often known as core or common skills. You’ll need them everywhere because every firm demands this expertise. After all, it builds your personality. However, if you break it down further, you’ll know there’s a huge list of qualities within. For instance, here are the followings;

• Leadership

We know that everyone is different therefore; their thought processing differs too. But this isn’t something you can’t learn. Just tell yourself how hard it can get until you grasp it. Leadership is one of the most sought-after qualities that recruiters examine in a potential candidate. 

• Adaptability 

The next thing you should work on is adaptability. Everyone should be able to adapt to a new environment because if you don’t you might face lots of trouble in your new office. Besides, it’s good to admire the change. It keeps your mind and life fresh. 

• Communication 

However, we don’t need to mention this communication is not that hard but the reason for highlighting is different. Most people don’t know the right time to communicate and in the corporate sector, it matters a lot. You should watch your mouth all the time. 

These are the soft skills you might need for strong build of your personality. But that does not mean you should ignore technical expertise because ultimately that’s what helps you to get paid. For those who don’t know about hard skills, well these are the skills that you learn through constant practice and education. 

If you keep both together there’s a chance that you’d be hired by your desired firm and they pay you a handsome amount. Otherwise, if you only possess soft expertise then it might benefit you morally but won’t be beneficial financially. Here’s the list of 2022’s in-demand hard skills:

2. Blockchain 

Let’s start with the future of technology. Blockchain is a network that records information in a manner that makes it hard to get leaked, hacked, or stolen by anyone. This technology is a big need for digital security today and it is swiftly rising in demand so it’s better to learn blockchain technology ASAP.

3. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization aka SEO plays a big role when it comes to digital marketing. Since other methods such as PPC are quite costly generating an audience to your website, people prefer SEO. And it’s pretty obvious that this skill is not going anywhere anytime soon and will be in demand for a long time now.

4. Copywriting 

If you know this skill then you are good to go because brand advertisement has become crucial these days. And what do you think would be the most effective way of advertising? It’s copywriting! 

5. Content creation

Many people have skills they just don’t know how to utilize therefore; they end up being unemployed. The day you master how to create content that is not only engaging but also beneficial for yourself, many doors of opportunities will be open to you. The world is moving towards the digital era and it can use any form of content be it video, audio, or written. It just has to be interesting. 

6. Cloud computing 

Since almost everyone is moving their business networking towards the cloud, they need experts in cloud computing or remote server networking. Cloud computing assists in storing files and creating backups safely. 

7. Coding

Here comes the highest-paying job in the market. This skill is trending since last year. Coding and software enhancement help companies in developing great products as well as providing the best of their services. 


These are the seven top trending skills that can surely help you to get your hands on the job you want. To make it easier for you to understand, we combined both soft and technical expertise. The sole purpose of producing this piece of writing is to let you know, you need both, personal and professional growth to succeed in life.

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