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Emerging Career Options in Import-Export Industry

by Melanie Peterson

The selling of the goods and services outside the country is known as Export and buying of goods and services from outside the country is known as import. Export from the country plays the vital role in economic growth, 

A Career in international trade can offer exciting and fulfilling opportunities. But the jobs available in import-export industry are very busy nowadays.

Import export industry deals with the selling and buying of machines, technology, vehicles, minerals, plastics, engineering goods, textile products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals goods etc, Involvement into import export creating jobs in both countries.

The Government is also promoting the exports from the country as it has great contribution in employment generation within the country by introducing various incentive schemes such as MEIS Scheme for the goods exporters, SEIS Scheme for the Service exporters, RoDTEP Scheme which will be implemented in a phased manner and will replace MEIS Scheme. Import export agent’s job is to manage shipments, logistics, Import-Export Documentation. Under MEIS Scheme goods exporters can avail the benefits in the range of 2% to 5% of the FOB value of exports in the form of Duty Credit Scrips/License which can be sold in open market at discounted rate. To issue the MEIS scrip , DGFT, Custom department, Applying export firm, people from different places are involved providing them the career options.

Recently Union cabinet launched RoDTEP Scheme, which replaced MEIS Scheme and will be implemented in a phased manner, under RoDTEP exporters can claim their duties and the taxes paid on the export products.

Advantages to be into Import-Export Industry:-

It gives the opportunities to work in International Markets, which includes multinational companies, transporters, truckers, airlines vendors having global brands.

  • It gives the opportunity to travel a lot
  • Busy industry
  • Plenty of jobs available
  • Computer related work

Import Export agent has the following role:-

  • Documentation in Import-Export of goods/services
  • Shipments tracking
  • Communication to avoid the delays
  • Communication with customers, deliverers and for departure and arrival times.

Career Option available in Import-Export Industry:-

Import/export trading company:-

  • Freight forwarder,
  • Custom’s broker,
  • Shipping and Freight,
  • Export department of a manufacturer,
  • In Supply Chain Management,
  • For Marketing and Sales,
  • In Trade fairs.

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