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Qualities You Should Look for in Employees When Hiring

by Melanie Peterson

Whenever you are in an influential role in a business, you are going to be forced to make some important decisions. Not only will these choices directly affect you, but there’s also a good chance they hold an impact over several other people in the company. This can be one of the more challenging responsibilities in such roles, and it requires individuals to be decisive.

One of the more overlooked decisions people in the world of business will have to make is found in the hiring process. Although there are plenty of companies who take this part of the business very seriously, you would be surprised with how loose others can be. Sometimes someone with a decent resume and a charming interview manner is seen fit to fulfill the role. However, this shouldn’t be the case. You should really be looking for individuals who are going to be able to grow and develop alongside the business. This is why your hiring decision shouldn’t be based on experience alone. You need the right kind of people in your company if you want it to have a good foundation. But what kind of qualities should these people have? Here are some examples. 


First of all, you don’t want to be second-guessing yourself every time you have to rely on an employee. You’re going to need an individual who is both trustworthy and reliable. This includes making sure they are punctual in regard to their working hours, always do their best job, and always have the best interest of the company in mind. This can be a difficult thing to tell from an interview. The best way to discover if a candidate has this trait or not is to ring one of their references and speak to them. Once you have full reassurance that the person you are hiring is trustworthy, you will feel far more confident in your choice. 

That being said, every person you work with should be a trustworthy colleague, even when it comes to using other companies’ services. For example, people often don’t know how to find a trustworthy payment processor. This can lead to some serious issues down the line, so it is important you are able to find a reliable source. 


Confidence is something that an employee should have, no matter what industry they are in. Whether they will be dealing with a customer or not, you want to know that they have the self-assurance to be proud of their work and not afraid of any challenges. People often think this is a trait mostly required for customer service jobs. However, it benefits individuals in nearly every role. 


A person doesn’t have to be applying for a leading role in order to require such a trait. Having your staff roster full of people capable of leadership is important. It makes for better teamwork and communication. Not to mention it could be very beneficial when looking to promote a member of staff.

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