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Top 5 Obscure Spots Every Music Fan Should Visit

by Melanie Peterson
If you are a music fan and you like to travel, chances are your travel map includes destinations such as Memphis, New York or Vienna. However, if you are a true enthusiast for music and its history, chances are you will have a much better experience when visiting places that are more obscure, but just as fascinating.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered some of the best obscure and historical music spots that every music fan should visit. Check them out!

Music Pillars of the Vittala Temple in Hampi

One of the best ways to experience travelling as a music fan is to visit historical musical places. One such place is the music pillar in Hampi. The ancient temple is unique in the way it’s structured acoustically. When hit with a sandalwood stick, the pillars of the temple resonate with rythimic sounds. It’s a truly one of a kind experience that has to be heard.

Visiting Hometowns of Favorite Singers 

Another perfect spot for music fans should be the hometowns where a favorite singer has grown up. Visiting favorite locations the artist visited as a child will give you a whole new perspective to their music and sounds. For example, if you like the music of John Legend, Springfield, Ohio should be one of the top places on your music travel list. Even though the story of John Legend parents is slightly rocky, with them being divorced, it would be interesting to visit the church where his mother used to sing as part of a choir, while his grandmother was the church organist. With his father being a drummer, John Legend started singing at the age of four, when he performed with his church choir. This story and visiting the places should be enough to get you to start packing your bags to visit Springfield. And it’s always a great inspiration to travel to the towns of your favorite artists.

Grabbing a Beer where your Favorite Musician Has Served Before Being Famous 

In the same vein as visiting their hometown, a great way to improve your music travel list is to include previous work locations of your favorite artists. For example, if you are a fan of Dave Matthews, Miller’s in Charlottesville, Virginia is the place to visit. Before being famous, Matthews used to work as a bartender there. The song entitled “Bratender” is said to be inspired by his previous experiences working as a bartender and the depression he allegedly had to deal with.

If you are a fan, grabbing a beer at Miller’s or even sending your bartendercoverletter is a definite must. Of course, not a ton of musicians have worked at bars, but we hope that the idea has inspired you to pursue travel places that are obscure and yet still related to the music world.

In fact, we’ve tailored the list in such a manner that is meant to inspire you to think outside of the box and find your own spots to visit, depending on your music tastes, library and famous celebrities and musicians. We hope you are inspired to travel. Safe travels. 

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